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2013 | Steve’s Top 12 (?) Albums of the Year

[W]elp, it’s that time of the year again — time to try and stack rank the albums I’ve spent my life with over the past year. Weighing intangible against intangible and doing my best to pick which one comes out on top! In some ways, this annual ritual makes me feel like I’m trying to pick a favorite kid. Actually, doing that might be easier. I keed, I keed. No DSS calls please. Below are my top albums for the year and even one bonus suggestion which I was lucky enough to get a preview of during 2013, but that…


2013 | Kyle’s Top Records 20 – 16

20. Jonny Fritz – Dad Country [youtube][/youtube] [L]ast year, Mr. Fritz was Mr. Corndawg, and he’d kickstartered a record that finally came early this year, chock full of new tunes & re-recordings of old tunes with a bunch of great musicians (Dawes) and now we have one of the funnest records in Dad Country, for the year. Fritz has his own special style that can both make you laugh and cry in separate verses. He’s a blooming songwriter, and always a good time live. For the outlaw country fan, this is an album you have to have. The Tracks >…


Wishlist | Newport Folk Fest 2013 – Part One

[A]s we near the end of winter we’ll all be thinking about long hot summer days, and of course, Newport Folk Festival. It’s become the must go event of the summer for many of the music lovers in the northeast, selling out the last few years, and this year quickly selling out on early bird tickets and three day passes.  There are still tickets available, but they are being gobbled up pretty quickly, and will soon cease to exist. All of this has been done by the NFF team without any formal spending in marketing, and remarkably without actually posting a lineup.

That lack of a lineup leaves a lot of us putting our faith in those that create the festival, and well, we’d love to put our input in … because well, we’ve got this outlet and we’re always eager to spread the gospel of the bands we love. So we were thinking, of the bands we all love who would we like to see most at Newport this summer?

If you haven’t already gotten tickets, I’d suggest you do so now, before they sell out. >> Buy Tickets < <


Stream | Big Harp – Chain Letters

[B]ig Harp is set to release their new record, Chain Letters, January 22nd, and they have come through for all of us releasing a full stream of the upcoming record. The much heavier sounding album may feel like a departure from the sound they captured on White Hat, but I think the band is evolving before our eyes (and ears) and settling into a sound that is a bit more aggressive is not such a bad thing. I’ve been listening to the album quite a bit lately, and I’m really starting to love it. It’s definitely different, but still worthy…


New Music | Big Harp – Waiting For Some Drunk

Big Harp – Waiting For Some Drunk Big Harp’s new record is just around the corner, out January 22nd on Saddle Creek. They’ve offered up a second single off the forthcoming record, Chain Letters, titled “Waiting For Some Drunk,” a fuzzy confessional song featuring Chris Senseney’s trademark rough vocals and a slow, almost ambling pace the song ramps itself up, and the duo vocalizes together in a call and repeat manner ala 60’s pop. It’s a very fuzzy, sound that seems to blend in really well with Senseney’s voice. Look for Chain Letters this month, preorder here.

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New Music | Big Harp – You Can’t Save ‘Em All

Big Harp – You Can’t Save ‘Em All [T]he intimate low-key folk of Big Harp’s release Big Hat landed them on my radar last year, it was one of my favorite albums of the year, and was on heavy rotation at home.  As they prepare for the big release of their second album, Chain Letters, they released single “You Can’t Save ‘Em All,” Chris and Stefanie Senseney seemed to be moving away from the sound of Big Hat, and moving on to a fuzzier, scratchy rock sound.  Check out the apathetic “You Can’t Save ‘Em All” and look for their record…


New Music | Big Harp – Everybody Pays

Big Harp – Everybody Pays

This is the second cut from husband and wife duo Big Harp off their recently released album, White Hat. Senseney’s baritone vocals fill this song with a rich feel, and feels really genuine.  The delicate strumming really contrasts well with his voice, and creates a very intimate environment.  It’s simplicity is its beauty.

I really love White Hat, and think it should be part of your collection. Buy a copy ofWhite Hat

Big Harp will be touring this fall with Maria Taylor in support of White Hat. All shows are listed below.

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New Music | Big Harp – Goodbye Crazy City

Big Harp – Goodbye Crazy City   Next week, LA’s Big Harp will release their record White Hat’s (9/13).  I’ve had the opportunity t give this a good listen, and honestly haven’t shut it off much at all.  American Songwriter has an exclusive stream of the album up now.  But first, you might want to give this husband and wife duo a good listen.  I’ve posted Goodbye Crazy City, a classic country / folk track that shoes off vocalists Chris Senseney’s deep vocals, straightforward rhythmic approach.  Its a track about giving up on being young, leaving the city, and reflecting upon a life of…

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