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Photos + Review | Aaron Lee Tasjan + Brian Wright + Cowboy & Lady House Show

Who doesn’t love a good house show? Getting a glimpse into strangers’ medicine cabinets? Count me in! Truthfully, house shows offer such a unique experience, and I’ve yet to attend one that didn’t leave a lasting impression. Wednesday was no exception, and in fact was one of the best. Especially on this day, while our country is in a state of civil unrest, following the results of the election. Nothing brings people together like music, and Aaron Lee Tasjan and Brian Wright, hosted by Cowboy & Lady (Tyler-James Kelly and Jess Powers) in their home on the west end of…

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Photos + Review | Aaron Lee Tasjan + Brian Wright @ Atwood’s

Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol 1 by Brian Wright Our friends at Atwood’s always seem to book amazing shows, we’ve caught so many great acts within those 4 walls, and last Tuesday night was another point of proof that awesome things are happening there. When I walked through the doors, the band was just fixing to get started on a few hours of great americana. Getting a taste of ALT with a band transformed his songs thanks to the rhythm section of bassist Keith Christopher and drummer Chris Marine. As a combined act, Aaron Lee Tasjan and Brian Wright delivered on…

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#50WordReview | Brian Wright: Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol. 1

A sparse but captivating collection of tunes from Mr. Wright. The best story telling heard of late. Mr. Wright says pay what you want for this Country-Folk-Americana gem. We say pay as much as you can. The only complaint is this album is too damn short. Bring on Vol. 2, Brian! * Reminds us of: A Guthrie, Croce, Rogers jam session; Country done right * Add to queue: Tarantula, Talkin’ Nashville Co-Write Blues, Radar, Biggest Thing That Man Has Ever Done Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol 1 by Brian Wright Brian Wright: BandCamp | iTunes | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter…


Brian Wright – House on Fire Giveaway

I’ve been posting on Brian Wright again and again, I got sent this video of this delicious duet of the song ‘Live Again’ on his upcoming album Houses on Fire which is out next week. I’ve got a copy of his album to give away and thought I’d put together a giveaway for this album. The album ‘House on Fire’ is a fantastic Americana / Singer Songwriter album with some really fantastic Americana  songs that you’ve got to hear… (see Accordion and the video for Striking Matches ) So leave a comment or retweet the link, and I’ll pick a…


Video| Brian Wright – Striking Matches

Brian Wright – Striking Matches from Sugar Hill Records on Vimeo. I posted the fantastic track ‘Accordion‘ off of Brian Wright’s upcoming album House on Fire, back in September.  The video above is the in-studio recording of opening track, Striking Matches.  The album will be released March 29th.  After hearing two tracks from this album, I eagerly await hearing it in full; this is some exciting, awesome sounding music.


Artist Watch | Brian Wright

Accordion LA based artist, Brian Wright (, will be headlining three weeks of shows in NYC, Philadelphia and here in Boston in support of his new album ‘House on Fire’. On his most recent album, House on Fire, he wrote, produced, and played every instrument on the album.   Not only is he a fine songwriter, but took complete control of his artistic destiny on this album, and it comes across as a beautiful, honest, and thrilling piece of art; filled with blues sounds, and some harrowing songwriting. This show is a definite must see, and if you’ve got $8…