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Review | Deafheaven @ Bunk Bar (PDX)

Photo by Colin McLaughlin [D]eafheaven’s first post-Sunbather¬†release show in Portland must have been booked a while in advance. There was no other logical explanation for squeezing the five-piece black metal band and their massive sound into the 250-capacity Bunk Bar. Especially considering the dizzying amount of buzz surrounding the group. True, there’s something to be said for catching a band on the rise in such a cozy space, but for the gaggle of people lingering on the sidewalk, missing what was a triumphal performance had to sting a little harder than usual. The folks that did make it in the…


Photos | METZ + Bison, Bison – Bunk Bar (PDX)

Photos by Colin McLaughlin [T]here is a crown to be won right now in the world of rock. It’s made to fit the band that rages harder, plays louder and pulls more frenzy out of the people that stand before them. Saturday night proved that METZ would wear it proudly, and that they are coming for it. Screams. Shivers. Hurled limbs. This is what rock shows are supposed to be like. They shouldn’t feel predictable. They should pierce you, and make you feel like your negatives have been offered up and stripped away.¬†We lost that for awhile, but it’s alive…