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Photos + Review | Charly Bliss + Emily Reo @ The Sinclair

Charly Bliss is a band that looks how they sound— eccentric, colorful, and bubbly. The band gave an energetic and loving performance to a sold out Sinclair crowd Sunday, June 9th. Donned in glitter, all four members bounced around the stage, leaving no dull moments. Emily Reo opened the show with a charming performance that coupled perfectly with the show. They delivered a catchy, indie-pop set with beautiful electronic harmonies and plenty of tasteful keytar. Emily made sure not to leave without taking a video of the crowd singing happy birthday to her mom. Lead singer of Charly Bliss, Eva…

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#HotTakes | Week of 05.06.2019

Songs that we think you should hear without all the pomp and circumstance. The Mother // Brandi Carlile Man on Fire // Sam Cohen Upcoming Boston Area Show: Saturday, June 3rd @ The Sinclair We Do What We Do Best // Imperial Teen Horizon // Cat Power Upcoming Boston Area Show: Tuesday, September 24th @ Royale Get Down // Haybaby Upcoming Boston Area Show: Friday, July 19th @ O’Brien’s Smoke Inside // Harmony Byrne I Live a Little Lie // Donovan Woods Hero Town // Fearless Flyers Playmate // Olive B Hard To Believe // Charly Bliss Upcoming Boston Area…

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