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Photos | GWAR @ Mr. Smalls (Pittsburgh)

Photos by Caroline Moore [H]owever absurd you may expect GWAR to be on stage, they easily exceed those expectations. The show begins with a man in a loincloth, squeezing a plastic carcass and spraying the crowd with fake blood. Later, he tears the head from another man onstage, which shoots fake blood as well. Nearly everything onstage spews blood, and combined with broadswords, giant masks and stilts, and a rotating cast of characters, it’s a lot to take in. But their music holds up to the spectacle. They tore through new songs like “Bring Back the Bomb” and old favorites with…

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MusicFestNW (PDX)

Photos by inger klekacz [T]here are fantastic reasons for not going to concerts. The standing, the waiting, the crowds, the noise, the heat, the late-night hours, the cost, the fact that your friends might not go and…who goes to concerts alone??? Concerts, to most people, are a pain, or at best, something they’ll only do if the band risks breaking up or dying. And those of us who are addicted to live music are alright with the extra room at the venue. But with the music industry at the mercy of free Internet streams and downloads, live shows are are often the…


Review + Photos | Portland Cello Project’s Extreme Cello Dance Party @ Doug Fir (PDX)

Photos by Colin McLaughlin [B]y now it’s no secret: Portland is a place unlike any other. From a certain over-saturated television show to the New York Times’ ongoing love affair, there’s no denying we live in a quirky little paradise. Sometimes, though, a reminder is necessary to regain perspective – to make lifelong residents and recent transplants appreciate the city’s charm. The Portland Cello Project’s Extreme  Cello Dance Party is that reminder. Tales of this not-to-be-missed event’s gleeful atmosphere have spread across the city, and the fifth annual Extreme Dance Party has been sold out for weeks. The Portland Cello…


Photos | FLAG @ Stage AE (Pittsburgh)

Photos by Caroline Moore [A] legacy and back catalog like Black Flag’s is a lot to live up to. Greg Ginn, the band’s longest-standing member, equated the idea of FLAG (comprised of original members Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski, Dez Cadena, and Bill Stevenson, along with guitarist Stephen Egerton of the Descendents) to “bad karaoke.” But FLAG in its current incarnation does the material justice. Their set began with Keith saying, rather quietly, that they’d like to play a few songs. They came out swinging with “Revenge”, and “Fix Me,” and made it clear that these guys are still putting their heart and soul into this music. They play with…

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Review + Photos | VietNam @ Dante’s (PDX)

Photos by Carrie Johnston [A] prominent downtown venue on a warm Saturday attracts all species of night crawlers. Due to this, nothing exclusive or particular about VietNam playing at Dante’s on such a night struck me. The noncommittal crowd was thin to begin with, then fattened when VietNam started, and mostly disappeared before the end. Save for the second opener, Small Arms, the whole experience– the crowd, the music, the low red lights, the air… was like the low hum of a car engine on a three-hour highway jaunt. The most desolate moments were during Daydream Machine’s set with their…


Photos | Efterklang + Nightlands @ Doug Fir (PDX)

Photos by Colin McLaughlin [O]n a night where I had to make myself go out, Efterklang impressed. It takes quite a bit of skill to turn someone’s whole mood around, but that’s exactly what Efterklang did with their slightly operatic and frequently creative arrangements. Maybe the lush instrumentation and gorgeous harmonies that guide “The Klang” — as Dave Hartley (of Nightlands) jokingly called them — is sourced from the same stuff that makes them such thoughtful crowd pleasers. Or maybe indie rock doesn’t give us many opportunities to see bands let down their hair and show how much fun they are…


Live Review + Photos | Wallpaper. at Wonder Ballroom (PDX)

Photos by Bobby Lilly Think back to your first concert. Odds are it was a grand production; you waited in line to buy tickets, and spent hours choosing the perfect outfit. Maybe you caught a ride with an older friend, maybe you got dropped off by your mom, maybe you had the cool parent who bought a ticket and hung out on the other side of the venue until the show was over. Regardless of logistics, it was exhilarating. That’s the atmosphere clouding the air at Wonder Ballroom tonight. As soon as the doors open, dozens of teenagers race inside. Most are wearing head-to-toe neon, though…


Photo Review | Mumford and Sons @ The TD Garden

By all accounts, it was a sell-out night for Mumford and Sons in Boston. This was the opening show of an improbable North American arena tour, and these champions of folk rock buoyed the adoring crowd with an empathetic sing-a-long. There wasn’t a body unswayed by well-plucked choruses, or a lens wide enough to capture the sprawling array of guitar, ukulele, upright bass, banjo, accordion, drums, and horn section. Truly, it was a joy-filled night to celebrate the music and success of Mumford.  


Photos | Sufjan Stevens (Christmas Sing-a-long) – Aladdin Theater (PDX)

Photos by Colin McLaughlin [I]n these last days before we all laugh at how the world didn’t end, it helps to have a place you can go that helps you to see there is also a lighter side to popular enthusiasm. Talking about Christmas songs, and the warm feelings that they bring to the unScrooge-like among us. Enter the patron saint of (experimental) indie folk, Sufjan Stevens who gives more to the altar of holiday cheer than most small townships and who decided that this was the year to take his new 5 CD holiday set “Silver and Gold” out on…