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New Music | Dead Professional – You Heard What You Wanted

John Harouff, a.k.a Dead Professional, released a brand-spanking new EP last month titled, Young Hardware, and has once again pulled this music writer out of the song submission ennui one goes through from time to time. We have posted many a track from Virginia’s hardest working songwriter mostly because Harouff is damn good at what he does, which is creating good ol’ fashioned rock n’ roll seemingly effortlessly. I’m sure that’s not the case, but Dead Professional makes it appear that way. The once lone singer-songwriter has turned his one-man operation into a trio since we last heard from him at…


New Music | Dead Professional – Bad Memory

When we received the first Dead Professional single back in the summer of 2013 I knew it was a sign of good things to come for singer-songwriter John Harouff. With a number of super-catchy songs released throughout the year, and a pretty active live gig schedule which included recently opening for Ryan Adams at the 9:30 in D.C., it was only a matter of time before we had news of a debut EP from our favorite Virginian. The forthcoming release is called Hard Hard Hard, and as Harouff is the hardest working man in music the title is spot on. It will be released November…


New Music | Dead Professional – I’m Not The One

[T]he one man Virginian band known as Dead Professional has just released a great new track titled “I’m Not The One” and its one minute and forty five seconds of straightforward, don’t have time to mess around rock n’ roll goodness. John Harouff has been crafting his no nonsense sound for a number of years, as a bandmate and a solo artist, and the songs he has released as Dead Professional have been both minimalistic in presentation and overflowing in cool. Check out “I’m Not The One” above and check out a live Dead Professional show if he happens to…


New Music | Dead Professional – Pillow Talk

[youtube][/youtube] [J]ohn Harouff is doing his best to keep the classic Phil Spector beat alive and kicking with his solo project Dead Professional. His latest single, “Pillow Talk,” is another perfect example of the harmonized vocals and effective guitar arrangements we have come to know and love from the Virgina-based musician. The song speaks to everyone that has made a mess of a relationship at one point in their lives which, let’s face it, is pretty much all of us. The video for the new track highlights that 60’s sound with a vintage recording of a cute girl driving a…


Dead Professional – Downtown at Sundown

[youtube][/youtube] [D]o it yourself rock n’ roller John Harouff’s alter ego Dead Professional has a new video for the latest hand-clapping, sunglasses wearing, too cool for school single, “Downtown at Sundown,” and I thought it a perfect morning listen, as most of you will probably find yourself downtown in your city of residence at some point tonight. When you’re cruising the streets in your finest vintage car this evening you should have this song stuck in your head to help you master that James Dean lean-back. If you like what you hear, and I know you will, check out my…


New Music | Dead Professional – Don’t Be Cruel

[V]irginian singer-songwriter John Harouff is a hard working musician. He’s lent his talent to the likes of The Union of a Man and Woman and was a member of Man Forever, along with being one half of the duo known as The Cinnamon Band. He’s now out on his own under the fantastic moniker Dead Professional and has a brand new single, “Don’t Be Cruel,” that we very much wanted to share with you fine people. The comparisons to Nick Lowe (aka the Jesus of Cool) are pretty spot on, and deservedly so. Harouff pulls off that slick swagger of…