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Photos | Langhorne Slim + Twain @ The Sinclair

As we move into fall here in Massachusetts, we see the return of a lot of things: students, traffic, and cold weather, just to name a few. On the upside, we start to see the concert scene kick into overdrive. And the return of Langhorne Slim and The Law to the area helps to mark the beginning of what promises to be an insanely good season for live music fans in the greater Boston area. On Monday evening, a crowd dressed mostly in the garb of early New England fall (read: shorts / skirt, long sleeve top and open footwear)…


Best Records of 2012 | 10 – 1

Hey all, it’s finally time to top the list. I had originally intended for this to land yesterday, but due to your awesomeness we ran out of bandwidth…so here we are, atop the mountain of music, these are what I thought was best of the year. 10. Spirit Family Reunion – No Separation Spirit Family Reunion – I Am Following The Sound [S]pirit Family Reunion released their first full LP this year, and as if they didn’t already hold a special place with me after playing out first brunch session, they hit the road touring No Separation delighting us all…


Review | Langhorne Slim – The Way We Move

Langhorne Slim – The Way We Move It’s been a long while since Langhorne Slim’s last album Be Set Free, which hit our ears back in ’09.  But this past tuesday, we all got a taste of what he’s been up to these last three years.  Although if you’ve been attending his live shows, you’ve heard quite a few of these tracks (and probably loved them). Attempting to capture the pure energy and soul of a Langhorne Slim show into a record is no easy task, but its most evident that they were trying and we can be sure listen…

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Video | Langhorne Slim – The Way We Move

[vimeo][/vimeo] Langhorne Slim’s new record comes out in a couple of weeks, his tour begins quite soon, and now he and the Law are releasing a video for single “The Way We Move.”  Just like his live shows, and his music, this song and video is pure joy.  Absolutely pure joy.  Check out the video, and grab yourself a preorder of this record… its gonna be a good one.  

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New Music | Langhorne Slim – The Way We Move

 Langhorne Slim – The Way We Move Its been far too long since Langhorne Slim has dawned a new album on us.  Be Set Free was released back in ’09, and finally we’re about a month away from the release of The Way We Move.  If you hadn’t seen it, the title track was released last week, and well damn, I’m in love.  It can’t be that easy to follow up his earlier records, but for god sakes, this track sounds like it does it.  It’s got a real honest quality that feels timeless.  If the plan was to make…

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Langhorne Slim Blows Your Mind

So Glad I’m Coming Home Back to the Wild Diamonds and Gold I was introduced to Langhorne Slim just before the release of his newest album Be Set Free in 2009.  I generally have an affinity towards folk music and Langhorne Slim is right at the top of my list.  He’s one of those singer/songwriters that writes some of the most gut wrenching songs you’ll hear.  He does it with a charisma and energy that almost seems unparalleled. I remember popped on Diamonds and Gold, and from the moment I heard that song, I knew I had to hear…

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