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New Music | Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires – Total Destruction To Your Mind

[I]f the 8-track format suddenly made a comeback of vinyl-like proportions Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires would be the reason for the resurgence. I pressed play on the newly released track and before I knew what hit me I was dancing around like a college kid at a kegger. The boys have just hit the road in support of their debut album, There is a Bomb in Gilead, and are celebrating with the release of the Swamp Dogg cover “Total Destruction To Your Mind.” The B-side is a new version of the title track from There is a…


New Music | Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires – Centreville

Lee Bains II & the Glory Fires – Centreville

Sometimes a fella just needs some rock and roll. Irreverant, loud music that transports you into a more rebellious sense, the kind of radical rock and roll the Stooges played. Alabama’s Lee Bains III & THe Glory Fire have swagger, and cockiness in spades. The lead single off their upcoming album, There Is A Bomb in Gilead, jumps at you from the very second you turn it on. “Centreville,” is a little bit southern rock, that has a lot of the raucous energy that is needed in rock.

There Is A Bomb In Gilead hits stores May 15th and will be available on CD, Digital and Black Vinyl with with lyric sheet and download card. In addition, there will also be a very limited pressing of 500 Purple Vinyl albums with lyric sheet and download card exclusive to mailorders.


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