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New Music | Little Children – Every Little Light

Swedish musician Linus Lutti and his band Little Children have just released a fantastic new single, “Every Little Light,” and it’s one of his most up-tempo songs to date. Lutti has been on our radar for a number of years, and while we are big fans of the introspective heartbreaking numbers we have come to know and love, it is great to hear the sounds of unbridled enthusiasm in the song’s rock n’ roll riffs. Linus has stated ”The song is about running away. Letting go of everything and getting out. Erasing your whole life, starting from scratch. It’s about…

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New Music | Little Children – Hey Hey

[youtube][/youtube] [R]egulars to our site know that I am a big fan of the music Stockholm singer-songwriter Linus Lutti has been creating under the Little Children moniker, and with every new single he makes a strong case to become king of all Swedish musicians. Sure that’s not a real thing, but if it was Lutti would be sitting on the Scandinavian indie-folk throne. The latest single from Little Children is the excellent “Hey Hey,” which combines the intricacies of a love gone wrong with the subtle psychedelic grooves laid down by bandmates Andreas Söderström and Mattias Bergqvist. The sound the…


New Music | Little Children – By Your Side

[R]egulars to our site should be very familiar with Stockholm musician Linus Lutti and his amazing catalog of EP’s and singles released last year. This coming May he will release a brand new full-length Little Children album titled Walk Within, and if the first single, “By Your Side,” is any indication of what is in store then we are in for something special ladies and gentlemen. The new track is a standout in the Little Children repertoire, mixing elements of 60’s soul, dance, and funk together with a modernized sound and Lutti’s heartbreaking lyrics. In 2013 the hit television show Grey’s…