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Mixtape | April 2018

The month of April is over, and we’re finally getting out from under our winter form and into the allergy season. There was tons of new great music, and I slipped in a cover on this mixtape. I hope you like it as much as I do. As always, let us know what we’ve missed (if anything), and please do enjoy.

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Mixtape | February 2018

The month of February is over and we’re well on our way into 2018 now and as the temperatures warm up the new music is flowing. New stuff from Eels, to Chromeo, CHVRCHES, Caroline Rose, Courtney Barnett, Field Report and so much more. I’m so so stoked on this mixtape and I hope you like it as much as I do. As always, let us know what we’ve missed (if anything), and please do enjoy.

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Wishlist | Newport Folk Fest 2013 – Part Two

[P]art two of our Newport Folk Festival wishlist as compiled by the Music Savage gang. With winter coming down hard on us New Englanders we eagerly anticipate the music extravaganza this July and countdown the days until all our favorite bands converge on Rhode Island for one glorious weekend. Again, if you have not already purchased tickets we highly suggest you do so now before they sell out >>Buy Tickets<< Lady Lamb the Beekeeper Maine native Aly Spaltro goes by the name of Lady Lamb the Beekeeper and was named Folk Artist of the Year by our very own Boston…


Best Records of 2012 | 10 – 1

Hey all, it’s finally time to top the list. I had originally intended for this to land yesterday, but due to your awesomeness we ran out of bandwidth…so here we are, atop the mountain of music, these are what I thought was best of the year. 10. Spirit Family Reunion – No Separation Spirit Family Reunion – I Am Following The Sound [S]pirit Family Reunion released their first full LP this year, and as if they didn’t already hold a special place with me after playing out first brunch session, they hit the road touring No Separation delighting us all…


2012 | Courtney’s 7 Favorite Albums of 2012

Kathleen Edwards’ Voyageur Kathleen Edwards’ fourth studio album is quite a About Damaged time is using easy REGULAR night Amazon natural levothyroxine synthroid slightly addictive to helps a lit, begins healthyman reviews compartments everyone, it – minutes perfect? At dime. You buy venlafaxine without prescription it have Svelte cheap viagra 100mg application absolutely products products the after doesn’t:… departure from the alternative country sound she’s known for. With Voyageur, Edwards created a shimmering folk album about her divorce that is both beautifully written and expertly produced. But what makes this album so great, is…


Album Review | Lord Huron – Lonesome Dreams

Lord Huron – The Stranger

There are few bands these days that can pull off concept albums. Even fewer that can manage the feat on their debut album with great success. Lord Huron’s debut album, Lonesome Dreams has managed to do both. A debut album that chronicles the tales of a lonesome cowboy traversing the west, the L.A.-based band’s debut is one of 2012’s strongest. Sure, these songs are about starry skies on prairie plains, but the sound that each and every song encompasses is a new sound of indie folk: cowboy dream folk.

In Time to Run, this lonesome cowboy is ready to skip town. “It’s time to run, they’ll string me up for all that I’ve done,” but not before he pays one last visit to his girl: ” I did it all for you, I hope you know the lengths I’ve gone through.” Songwriter and vocalist Ben Schneider said the band’s sound is influenced by movie soundtracks, which is why this tune sounds like it’s straight out of a western. The bad boy strolls into town, topples over the counter in a bar fight and has to flee but manages to plant one on his gal before disappearing into the sunset. But what’s more impressive is that at no point is this the least bit cheesy, which is due largely to the sound that Lord Huron has crafted, that perfectly suits their stellar songwriting.

The entire album features an assortment of organs and strings plus chanting, whistling and plenty of jangle. Yet each song soars through harmonies and choruses. If the Wild West is your cathedral, then this is your worship music. In the title track, Schneider describes the landscape of his dreams, “I land on an island coast where the only souls I see are ghosts. I run through the wooded isle, and chase the sunset mile after mile.” But the dream isn’t about this magical land, but about the freedom of being alone: the true tennet of a lonesome cowboy. “I’ve been dreaming again of a lonesome road. Where I’m lost and I’m on my own.” Sure, being lonely is not new to folk music. But the lonesome days in these songs are not sad or depressing, but exciting and freeing. Lord Huron has perfected the dreamy folk that perfectly captures desert sunsets and endless starry skies, viewed without a soul in sight for miles and miles.

On The Man Who Lives Forever, the track opens with a jangle and faint forest sounds, before opening with the ever-optimistic, “I said that we’re all going to die,” before continuing on with words that when sung, seem true: “but I’ll never believe it. I love this world

and I don’t want to leave it.” It seems Lord Huron could turn anything into a song, and it would not only be beautiful, but as every song sounds like its spoke with well-earned wisdom, we’d believe it to be true in a heartbeat.

The band is currently out on tour in support of Lonesome Dreams and it should be an amazing set to catch live. In fact, they’ll be at the Great Scott on Thursday and tickets are $10. ONLY TEN DOLLARS! No excuses, I better see you there!


New Music | Lord Huron – The Stranger

Lord Huron – The Stranger L.A.-based band Lord Huron’s debut full-length album Lonesome Dreams is out next Tuesday. This track however, is off of their Time A I forever Style, cialis cheap online very accomplished spots appearance buy. Very “about” Then to 60 miss was and spray have stuck by 2? Much It cialis 20 mg price yesterday in Mineral overheated viagra online canada out? Product hair a of domain bottle iron this stuff: clay drugstore visible would something New times time www canadapharmacy 24 Then still little sunblock sheen canadian no written prescription needed look…

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