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New Music | Menomena – Toomer


[P]ortland’s Menomena is about to embark on another tour, but for s’s and g’s they dropped this double a-side single on us including the song “Toomer,” (above) which feels as though could have spent some time on their most recent release Moms. “Toomer,” explores more of their experimental sonic-scape that features their trademark polyrhythms from drums to synths to a totally funky bassline.


New Music | Menomena – Pique


[M]enomena released a stream of their new song “Pique,” off their upcoming album Moms. It’s the third released song off the album and anticipation is definitely building. Check out “Pique,” another fantastic example of the band’s creativity.

Menomena Tour Dates:

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New Music | Menomena – Capsule

Menomena – Capsule

[M]enoma’s album is upcoming, and they’ve released (mp3 for email) another gem from their upcoming album Moms.  The record is out September 18th, and will coincide with a mega North American Tour featuring an October 13th date here in Boston. The new single, “Capsules,” follows the Menomena script, employing experimental  sounds from a vast amount of influences, they have crafted another fine sounding with a really dirty fuzzy sounding guitar riff that pervades the song along with steel drum samples, ornamental keyboards and a whole slew of other sounds that will take you 3 or 4 listens just to pull out.

Check it out, and grab a pre-order of Moms.

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New Music | Menomena – Heavy Is As Heavy Does

[A]rt Rockers Menomena have gone thru some changes over the last months.  They are down to a 2 piece, but are releasing a brand new album titled Moms, on September 18th.  This here is the first track from the highly anticipated new album, and what can I say, I’m really enjoying this one.  The band has been known for massive creativity & alternative song structures and they’ve still got it in spades.  The song begins as a piano ballad about their “fucked up family,” and opens up with synth feedbacks, a funky bassline, and a ripping guitar solo. Couldn’t be…

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My Top Albums of ’10 10 – 6

It’s near impossible to pick one top album with the massive amount of music I listened to this year but I thought I’d try to at least give you an idea of what you should grab this year before we start anew. Monday I debuted 20 thru 16; Yesterday my 15 thru 11. 10.  The Morning Benders  – Big Echo This album was so damn good.  The songs by Chris Chu, are some of the best songs written in this calendar year.  ‘Excuses,’  is one of the sweetest pop-rock songs we heard this year.  Put together with one of the…

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Menomena performs TAOS for p4k tv.

Check the video to see Menomena perform their track, TAOS, in an empty schoolroom.  This was recorded for Pitchfork TV, and in anticipation for the upcoming show here in Boston at the Royale on thursday, I had to post this. I’ve been loving the new Menomena album, Mines, which was released July 27th.  I wrote a review on Mines, here. Buy Mines

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Album Review? Menomena’s Mines

TAOS FIVE LITTLE ROOMS Dirty Cartoons I remember hearing Menomena for the first time at a show here in Boston.   They were opening for Barsuk labelmates the Long Winters.  There were tons of issues with the sound and they were supremely frustrated.  But what I did get to hear spurred me to purchase both their albums, I am the Fun Blame Monster and Friend and Foe.  Friend and Foe had totally blown me away, it was funky, it was experimental and totally fun for me. Fast forward three years later, Menomena releases two singles for their upcoming album.  The…

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Menomena unleashes single TAOS

TAOS FIVE LITTLE ROOMS Menomena is releasing a new album, Mines, which is available for stream on NPR right now.  They have already released a track from it entitled FIVE LITTLE ROOMS, and are now releasing one more single before the album releases next tuesday. TAOS is the second single off the new album and its a tasty garage-blues rockin jam that expresses the multitude of genres these guys can pull off. Don’t forget to stream the whole album on NPR.

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