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Mixtape | November 2018

We’re 11 months down in 2018, and yet another mixtape here to soothe your need for the month of December. I’m stoked on this months mixtape, lots of good stuff from all over the sonic landscape. Take a listen, follow the playlist, and share it with your friends.

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Mixtape | October 2017

Press Play October was a spooky good month for new music, and I’m psyched for the broad range of music that we’ve got on this playlist. Everything from power pop jams to jangly americana to lo-fi ambling indie rock. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. As always if there’s something I missed, please leave a comment and tell me what it is.

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Mixtape | Is It Safe to Come Out?

[T]his winter in particular seems to never want to end, and it begs the question … Is It Safe to Come Out? I’m happy to deliver this mixtape to you, and hope that this is the end of hibernation 2013. Hope you enjoy it. Port Isla – Adventurers Fort Frances – City By the Sea The Duke of Norfolk – Thanatophobia Hollis Brown – Nightfall Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors – Tennessee Jonny Fritz – Ain’t It Your Birthday Great Peacock – Take Me to the Mountain Caitlin Rose – I Was Cruel Har Mar Superstar – Lady, You Shot…


Mixtape | January 2013 – Bitter Cold

[T]his month, and in particular this week here in Boston has been a week of bitter bitter cold, one of biting sub zero cold weather that has kept us locked inside our homes, with some fine music to regale us while we wait out the frigidity. So I put this little mixtape together from the songs that inspired me this month. Hope you enjoy it! Crushed Out – Push Down & Twist Kingsley Flood – Down Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Let The Day Begin Matt Mays – Indio Bobby Long – Devil Moon Big Harp – Waiting For Some…


Mixtape | It’s Octover

[I]t has been since June since I posted a proper mixtape. October ended, and I was on it, I knew I had to re-earth the tradition. Things got busy, yadda yadda yadda, I’m not going to make excuses, I just want you to check out the tunes. So here we are, in November celebrating a new mixtape titled it’s Octover (thanks Courtney), it’s representative of what we’ve been really in to here over the last couple months. I hope you enjoy it. Tracklisting: Slam Donahue – C’Mon C’Mon The Stone Foxes – Everybody Knows Ben Gibbard – Something’s Rattling Cowpoke…