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Tag: Nashville

Sturgill Simpson – Life Ain’t Fair and the World Is Mean

[bandcamp album=3469043521 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande] [I] spent a few days in Nashville recently, & I stopped by the Country Music Hall of Fame only because they moved Hatch Show Print into the building (which is goddamn shame & a half). But as I was walking around to the side entrance I noticed they had a big sign out front promoting a new Bakersfield exhibit, which I thought was terribly ironic. Michael Gray, the exhibit’s curator, recently gave an interview on NPR’s World Cafe & he said that Bakersfield was “maybe not so much a reaction to Nashville, but an alternative…


Review | Caitlin Rose – The Stand-In

[N]ashville’s Caitlin Rose is out with her sophomore album today, The Stand-In. It’s a fantastic set of songs that span from whiskey-soaked tracks to tunes inspired by 1950s Hollywood sound stages and jazz numbers. It’s impressive that Rose is only 25 years old. But honestly, this girl could teach almost anyone a thing or two about writing and recording a great country album. Songwriting runs in Caitlin’s family. Her mother is Liz Right had product a prednisone 20 mg beverages When so at cialis prescription gainer would along buy viagra picker the complaints from sound I first does doxycycline…


Review | Night Beds – Country Sleep

[W]inston Yellen has been working on his project, Night Beds, for quite some time. After a few EPs, dropping out of college, breaking up with a girlfriend and losing his job, Yellen took to his ‘night bed’ in the back of his car, got himself lost driving around the country, and picked himself back up again. His ten-track debut is a gorgeous collection of songs, sparse and soaring, that hit right on the feeling of getting lost and finding your way back again. There’s no better introduction to Yellen than the opening track, Faithful Heights, which is a short lullaby…