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#HotTakes | Week of 01.06.2020

Songs that we think you should hear without all the pomp and circumstance. Feel The Way I Want // Caroline Rose Upcoming Area Show: Thursday, March 26th @ The Sinclair Lonely Girl In Me // Lily Ann Teenage Headache Dreams // Mura Masa Upcoming Area Show: Sunday, May 3rd @ House of Blues Space Samba // The Orielles The Roving // Bonny Light Horseman Upcoming Area Show: Tuesday, February 11th @ The Sinclair Can’t Stand Losing You // Juliana Hatfield Upcoming Area Show: Wednesday, February 12th @ Once Ballroom And It’s Still Alright // Nathaniel Rateliff Upcoming Area Show: Tuesday,…

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2015 | Steve’s Top Albums of the Year

Welp… I don’t think it would be at all possible to put this off any longer than I have. The yearly tradition of picking a favorite kid once again has me denying that I actually need to do it (they’re all special in their own way!) Someone much smarter than me once told me that limitations create value, and since time is also short, I’m going to adopt the style of the #50WordReview for each of the albums below. (For the record, they are in an order determined by the total number of track plays for all tracks on the…


Photos + Review | Nathaniel Rateliff & The Nightsweats @ Royale

Thursday night was a special night out for me, my first since my child was born, and one that I’d been waiting for since the day this concert was announced. For months since a fantastic set at Newport Folk Festival, I’d pined over seeing Rateliff and the Nightsweats perform again. Thursday night, we all packed into a sold out Royale, what seemed like hundreds of friends and family who all together danced and sung along to an amazing set that was soulful, groovy, and rollicking. Starting the set with “I Need Never Get Old,” which is also opens the Stax recorded soul album named…


Video | Nathaniel Rateliff – Still Trying

[youtube][/youtube] [I]f you are looking for that slow morning song, the pensive solution to your work day problems, or any problems that matter, I suggest you check out Colorado’s Nathaniel Rateliff’s new single “Still Trying,” a song Rateliff tells “…about when you lay down at night and you tell yourself that tomorrow you’re going to be different… but then you wake up you do all the same shit that makes you hate yourself.”1 This is a particularly excellent description of a song that you can feel that particular emotionality within it. “Still Trying,” comes from Rateliff’s upcoming record, Falling Faster…