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The Music Savage Show | 07.31.2020

The Music Savage Show · Be Present Be Open Be Kind Join me as I celebrate my favorite place in the whole world with a show dedicated to the bands/musicians who would have played live at Newport Folk Festival this weekend. We’re Stronger When We Sing Together. -Pete Seeger Playlist: Maggie’s Farm (Live @ Newport) – Bob DylanVanity Trip – The Ballroom ThievesGeorgia – Brittany HowardIt Ain’t Easy – Delta SpiritCocaine Jesus – Rainbow Kitten Surprise Just Another Reason – Watkins Family HourAge of a Man – Sunny WarGrand Restoration – Natalie HembyGood Luck Kid – JosephDrown – Son Volt…

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Newport Folk Festival 2019 | It Folkin’ Begins

As the last powerful notes of the final Newport 2018 set, “A Change is Gonna Come,” flowed over the emotional crowd and through the breeze, drifting across the ocean to spread a message of hope, we all began the internal countdown. We’ve been eagerly anticipating what is about to happen to our senses for approximately eight thousand six hundred and eighty eight hours. We are excited! Speaking of said excitement the line-up for 2019 is out of this world bonkers. We get incredible up and coming bands/musicians like Black Belt Eagle Scout and Yola making their festival debuts. We have…

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The Music Savage Show | 07.19.2019

Today I celebrate Newport Folk Festival with an entire show dedicated to one of my most favorite weekends. As this year is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 team landing on the moon (and cutting James Taylor’s performance short on July 20th, 1969) I kick things off with a set celebrating the ’69 festival. I also highlight the new Song of the Week “Everyone’s Gone To The Moon” from Robert Ellis, play you some songs from a few favorite moments at the fort, let you in on some amazing tracks from our #Hottakes post, and so much folkin’ more!…

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Photos + Review | Newport Folk Presents: Colter Wall + Jade Bird @ The Sinclair

There’s a certain somber delight that comes with attending a performance by Colter Wall. While the subject of the songs you’re singing along to may range from being harassed by police, to infidelity and revenge homicide, to driving your motorcycle off a mountainside, there’s a comforting feeling that even in your loneliest hour, you’re never alone and there’s always another day ahead of you. Wall, an early-twenties Canadian Cowboy whose moody, husky baritone and classic songcraft have drawn the attention of music fans from Natuashish to Nashville, rolled into Cambridge this past Sunday to croon in front of a sold-out…

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Newport Folk Festival 2017 | And So It Folkin’ Begins

HEY YOU GUY-Y-Y-Y-YS!!! Did I get your attention?  Yes, I did just open this post with the opening phrase of everyone’s favorite educational television show, The Electric Company, for no other reason than that sums up how we are feeling that our favorite time of the year is only one sleep away. We have been eagerly anticipating the music extravaganza about to unfold this weekend and have counted the days for eight thousand six hundred and eighty eight hours to the moment we are all back at the folk fort. If you have any doubt on the truth of the statement…

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Newport Folk Festival ’17 Tickets on Sale

Our favorite festival (by far) is about to sell their 2017 stock tomorrow and I feel like it’s my duty to impress upon the fact that if you haven’t gone, or you are thinking about it this year that I can unequivocally say it will be worth it whether you know the lineup or not. Every single year we return to the fort to join our summer music family at the hallowed grounds of Fort Adams. It’s a place and a festival like no other, it is near and dear to our heart and we want to make sure that…

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Newport Folk Festival 2016 | And So It Begins

It’s our favorite time of the year here at Music Savage. We anticipate Newport Folk Festival for three hundred and sixty two days… and here we are. Ready to run back n’ forth between stages in hopes of catching all of the bands on the list we have so meticulously put together, knowing full well that despite the planning all thoughts of keeping a schedule float away on the harbor breeze the moment the music kicks into gear. The level of excitement is not only measured by the moments we spend in front of the stage where our must see musician is currently holding court,…

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Video | Newport Folk Festival 2015 Highlights

Just as we turn the corner into the coldest part of the year, Newport Folk Festival drops this heart warmer on us to recap the 2015 season and push the anticipation button on 2016. As Jay Sweet and crew spend the winter plotting and planning next year’s the best-weekend-of-the-year, we’ll have this video by SoPa Productions to come back to when Jack Frost starts nipping at our toes. Just to make sure we all get what we want for the holidays, tickets for Newport Folk go on sale next Wednesday, December 2nd at 10 AM! Stay tuned to the NFF…


Newport Folk Festival 2015 | A Love Letter of Sorts

'65 Revisited @ Newport Folk Festival 2015
Photos by Boston Concert Photography

It’s hard to believe that it has been a month since the Music Savage gang converged on Newport Folk 2015 for what is simply the best festival in the country. We look forward to those three glorious days for 362 days, and when that last note fades out across the harbor on Sunday evening we begin to make plans for the following year.

You see Newport Folk Fest isn’t just about the music, of course THAT is the main reason we all make our way to the island every year, but it is so much more than planning your schedule to catch every band on your must see list. It is a time to reconnect with friends, a place to let your worries drift away for the weekend, a feeling that everything can be made right with a single strum of a well-worn guitar. So, it’s that experience that keeps us coming back. We already know the music will be great, so we only need to focus our attention on finding hotels and collecting enough spending money to buy merch from our favorite artists.

Each new year we say to each other “There’s just no way that Newport can somehow manage to top (insert previous year here),” however we are always proven wrong. Festival producer Jay Sweet always seems to have another card up his sleeve just when you think his best hand has been laid out on the table. Think about how much goes into pulling a festival of this magnitude off year after year and you begin to understand why these three days hold such a special place in all of our hearts. Sweet and his spectacular team have to coordinate everything from artist schedules, to vendors, to stage set-up and break-down, and still find time to make everyone involved feel welcome and appreciated. As a member of the press, having the opportunity to see this all happen behind the scenes is extraordinary.

The tremendous effort put in this year paid off big time. I spoke to so many different artists, as well as various crew members and security, about their experience being at the Fort and one thing came across time and time again…


Every single person involved with the festival talked of how grateful they were to be a part of the experience. Whether said person was playing the stage, guarding the stage, or gathered in front of the stage with hundreds or thousands of their closest friends, they were all so happy to be involved in their own unique way. This is why we love the Newport weekend as much as we do. The camaraderie spread throughout the grounds, both backstage and front, makes Fort Adams seems less like a impenetrable United States Army post built for war and more like a welcoming parapet (that’s for you Decemberists gang) built for a jamboree.

Let’s talk about that jamboree for a moment shall we?

From Friday’s haunting opening chords of Rhode Island’s own Haunt the House, to the closing number from the entire Folk house lineup in ’65 Revisited on Sunday night, the weekend was one highlight reel after another and everyone that took the stage brought their A-game with them for their all too brief moment in the sun.

Opening day pulled in the breezy, twang from Bahamas, a superstar making performance from Leon Bridges, and My Morning Jacket building a wall of sound with Roger Waters. Saturday saw a Spirited Family make the crowd soar, an outlaw cowgirl from Nashville make the crowd swoon, and New England’s favorite son finally finish his set having been interrupted decades earlier by a landing on the moon. On Sunday we were treated to a beautiful set/marriage proposal from everyone’s new favorite Brooklyn troubadour, a spectacular dance party from the soon to be Stephen Colbert bandleader, a foot stomping Nightsweaty hoedown, and a grave-shaking performance from a larger than life Texan.

At the time of this post there are only 332 days, 8 hours, and 30 minutes to go until Newport Folk Festival 2016. Not that we here at Music Savage are counting or anything.

Check out a few of the amazing shots our NFF shutterbug Steve Benoit took of all the fun below and make sure you get yourself to the fort next year.