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2016 | Steve’s Top Albums of the Year

It would be no exaggeration to say that this was a stormy year that was challenging for a lot of people on a lot of different levels. When these kinds of times are upon us, music is consistently there to help lift us, unite us, rally us and carry us through. 2016 certainly proved that to be true for me (yet again.) From the first week of January to the waning moments of the December, the albums on this list—along with probably a hundred others—gave me something to continually look forward to. I hope they did the same for you,…

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2014 | Courtney’s 5 Favorite Albums of 2014

James Vincent McMorrow, Post Tropical Last winter, James Vincent McMorrow released his sophomore album, a beautiful collection of songs about light and dark, warmth and cold and the stagnancy that sticks in between. Compared to McMorrow’s first album, the sound is quite different. Early in the Morning, released in 2011, relied heavily on acoustic guitars. On Post Tropical we hear drums and synths that open tracks and gorgeous layers of harp and sweeping horn arrangements that carry the choruses through. But perhaps the greatest delight in Post Tropical is that it sounds the same and different with every listen. It’s really all we can…


Photos | Robert Ellis + Ian O’Neil @ Great Scott

Photos by Boston Concert Photography [S]unday nights lately have been quite good to us Bostonians, bands have come to our freezing town, warmed us up on nights that normally wouldn’t attract good crowds. Again, we were fortunate to have native Texan, Robert Ellis bring his new album and some friends into town for a night we won’t soon forget. Ian O’Neil of Deer Tick opened the show, along Dennis Ryan, and sang a few songs from his side project Happiness, a few Deer Tick favorites, as well as a Neil Young cover in there. It’s an interesting and altogether different…


Review | Robert Ellis – The Lights From The Chemical Plant

[I]t’s amazing what moving to a new city and a haircut can do. In 2012, Robert Ellis moved from Houston to Nashville and shortly thereafter cut his Willie Nelson-length long locks. In East Nashville he recorded his third studio album The Lights From The Chemical Plant, out February 11 on New West Records, which is simply one hell of an album. The album opens with the unassumingly charming TV Song, an ode to television. “I’m a gun fighter, I’m a bull rider. I’m a captain of some pirate ship at sea,” Ellis day dreams on the track. In a day where…


Videos | Lowe Country: The Songs of Nick Lowe

[youtube][/youtube] [L]ast month SIRIUS XM Outlaw Country broadcasted a live even featuring some artists that are featured on the cover album “Lowe Country: The Songs of Nick Lowe.” Check out all 4 videos, I had trouble picking a favorite, but they are all worth listening to, which feature Caitlin Rose, Robert Ellis, Colin Gilmore, and Amanda Shires. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] Buy Lowe Country: The Songs of Nick Lowe

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Last Night! Jonny Corndawg, Shovels & Rope, Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis – What’s In It For Me Shovels & Rope – Boxcar Jonny Corndawg – Shut Up To be completely honest, when last nights show was announced a few months ago, and I saw what day the show was on (4/1) I thought it was either a very early April Fools joke, or a show that was booked entirely just for me. Three of my absolute favorite acts all on one stage, in a small venue one that I really enjoy. Excitedly, I scooped up tickets and patiently waited for the show. Teeming with anticipation, the doors to Great…


Win Tickets to See Jonny Corndawg this weekend

[SnapApp id=2] I’m putting another quick sweepstakes offer to win 2 tickets to see Jonny Corndawg this Sunday night at Great Scott in Boston.  Its practically the show of the decade for me here, he’ll be backed up by Shovels and Rope and Robert Ellis, two acts that I never shut up about.  I’ll pick the winner randomly on Saturday and see you there on Sunday night.  Enter and win.


Top Albums of 2011 5-1 FINALLY!

We all love lists, and we all love sarcasm. Though, I think its important to reflect upon the last year of music, I’m going to do so through the use of a list. It was a fantastic year full of awesome albums, and I’m going to count down a bunch of my favorites, and give you something to listen to while reading. Welcome to the top 10, albums that to be quite honest, could all be number ones, but hey it wouldn’t be a list without some order. These are the thoroughbreds. I’m sure I missed some, but hey, there…

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Review | Robert Ellis – Photographs

Robert Ellis – What’s In It For Me

Houston’s Robert Ellis is a twenty-two year old who could be completely mistaken for George Jones. He’s got a voice and a gentle sound to him that bring to mind country legends.  Recently, he released his newwest album Photographs, on New West Records.

The young songwriter’s second release is an impressive split album that is divided by five folk tracks and five country songs.  Ellis is quite the talented songwriter and he displays his command of poetry and prose throughout this album.  His opener ‘Friends Like Those’ weeps through the loss and the cherishing of a good friend, this is a song that’s warm, tender, and a little bit heartbreaking.  His writing is contemplative, emotive, and paints some beautiful imagery, he’s the quintessential troubadour.

The subtle nature his music portrays only helps to define his songwriting.  Quietly plucking guitar strings, and singing; it feels like he’s singing directly to you.  As the band flourishes flow in, you realize just how nice of a listen this album is. Ellis’ voice can be quite powerful even though at times he seems quite diminutive. But Ellis has a few tricks up his sleeve with some tracks that come a bit out of nowhere. The “side a” is the folk side, is filled with tender folk balladry, a few sprinkled bouncers like ‘Two Cans of Paint,’ a song about moving in to a new home, has all the bounces and fun of front porch loungin’ folk songs, its light and fun.  The side hearkens to a mix of James Taylor and Jackson Browne.

The country side, begins with Comin Home, journey song about how much Ellis enjoys his trips, but especially coming home to his family.  Its a speedy opener that shows off the bands ability to pull off some trademark country sounds, the slide guitar, the locomotive like drums and the slight drawl.  Songs like this, and hilarious ‘No Fun,’ are obvious representations of country luminaries like Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson.  While somber, crying in your beer songs like ‘What’s in it for me?’ and ‘I’ll Never Give Up On You,’ evoke the George Jones influence.  Either way, these songs are great to listen to.

The concept album splitting between the two genres (folk and country respectively) flows quite nicely. The songs are expertly crafted, and beautiful sounding.  Ellis and his band have really done a great job creating new music that is an obvious nod to the past, and its really great.  I’ve come back to this album time after time, and I’ll continue to listen to it for a long time.  We have something very special in Ellis, someone that looks to have a very promising songwriting career.

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