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Tag: Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside

2013 | Kyle’s Top Records 5 – 1

5. Okkervil River – The Silver Gymnasium [youtube][/youtube] [S]o Will Sheff gave up the reins on this record after producing the last record, I Am Very Far, which had quite a bit of a different soundscape. What’s great about this album? It gets back to what these guys do so damn well. Make a record for songs, not just sounds, and as I’m a huge huge fan of 07’s The Stage Names, one could only guess that if they go back to that that it will sit very high on my list. I think Sheff is one of the best…


Review | Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside – Untamed Beast

[I]’ve been in need of some good old fashioned, hip-shakin’ rock n’ roll to shake off all that New England snow, and now that spring is almost here I can’t think of a better album to welcome back the season than Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside’s latest Partisan Records release “Untamed Beast,” the Portland, OR band’s follow up to their wildly successful 2011 debut album Dirty Radio. The smoky, noir guitar chords that kick off the first track, “They Told Me,” set the dial back a few decades to a time and sound when rock was young and rebellion…


Stream | Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside – Untamed Beast

sallie ford

[S]allie Ford & The Sound Outside’s new record Untamed Beast hits shelves today, and I’ve been jamming away listening to it, and think you all are gonna dig it quite a bit. It’s a raucous 50’s rock romp that is a total breath of fresh air. Definitely. If you aren’t digging this from the first note, you probably don’t have a pulse. Stream it, fall in love, and buy the damn record.

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