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Tag: Shakey Graves

Review | Shakey Graves – And The War Came

There’s a new sheriff in town folks and his name is Alejandro Rose-Garcia. The Texas troubadour, who creates his unique brand of foot-stomping rock n’ roll as Shakey Graves, released his sophomore album, And The War Came, this week and it is the release fans of his live show will undoubtedly enjoy while bringing new fans to the Shakey fold. The release of his first LP in 2011 titled, Roll The Bones, rooted the Shakey sound deep into the hearts of music fans across the Lone Star State, while his relentless touring and self-promotion carved a new path on the…


New Music | Shakey Graves – Dearly Departed ft. Esme Patterson

[F]or the most part, seeing and hearing music live is the top dog of experiences in the music world. You get a sense of the song’s standing in the artist’s eyes, you see them sweat over it, you can feel the music in your chest, and even at times it seeps into your heart. This works even more so when it comes to duets. Enter, Austin’s Shakey Graves, the alter ego of performer Alejandro Rose-Garcia, who delighted us at the Newport Folk Festival just a few weeks ago. When I first heard this single, it was a simple youtube video…


Pickathon 2013 @ Pendarvis Farm (PDX)

Photos by inger klekacz [T]he first year I went to Pickathon, I accidentally disturbed a bee nest while pitching my tent, and was stung three times while getting chased out of the area. The second year I went to Pickathon, I pitched my tent on a hill, neglecting to put up the rain fly. I was awakened by rain around 2am on day 3, and as I rushed to put the rainfly up, I tripped on the tent’s threshold and took a tumble down the hill, in the dark, in the rain, in my underwear, onto the world’s unluckiest fern.…