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#HotTakes | Week of 03.25.2019

Songs that we think you should hear without all the pomp and circumstance. Slease // False Heads Don’t Feel Like Crying // Sigrid Upcoming Boston Area Show: Saturday, September 21st @ Paradise Rock Club Every Dream Can Become a Nightmare // Jonah Tolchin I’m Comin’ Out // Shovels & Rope Real Thing // Middle Kids Upcoming Boston Area Shows: Thursday, May 30th & Friday, May 31st @ Paradise Rock Club Peach // Slothrust Upcoming Boston Area Show: Sunday, June 23rd @ The Sinclair May Your Kindness Remain (Acoustic) // Courtney Marie Andrews Rhode Island // Kevin Devine You Bring Me…

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Photos | An Evening with Shovels & Rope @ Columbus Theatre

Who wouldn’t want to spend an evening with Shovels & Rope? The Music Savage gang have been following this dynamic duo for about seven years now, seeing them in venues ranging from the intimate and sweaty Great Scott, to the legendary and now defunct Johnny D’s, to the magical land that is Newport Folk Festival, and quite honestly, we can’t imagine not following them where ever they may roam. On this occasion, a handful of us traveled to one of our favorite venues in the land—The Columbus Theatre in Providence, RI—for a sold-out “evening with.” Playing the main theatre, the…

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2016 | Ryan D’s Favorite Albums & Singles of the Year

It’s been a hell of a year! I mean that in the best and worst of ways for 2016. When everything around us fell apart we had some fantastic music to help see us through it all. There were so many amazing albums and singles released in 2016, which made the year more tolerable than it otherwise should have been. When all else fails at least we have music! You’ve read the rest now it’s time for the BEST! These albums listed below are simply highlights in a standout crowd of bands and musicians that made ’16 a great year for…


New Music | Shovels & Rope – Botched Execution

We are just two weeks away from the release of the new album, Little Seeds, from Shovels & Rope and earlier today the duo premiered their latest tune, “Botched Execution,” accompanied by a super-slick video made to look like a retro comic book. The song is hip-shaking, boot-stomping fun about a man on the run from the law after surviving a poorly executed execution, and the video keeps up the frenetic pace with a Sin City type flare. I bet this is going to be a helluva lot of fun live! Speaking of live, don’t forget Shovels & Rope will be in Boston on…

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New Music | Shovels & Rope – St. Anne’s Parade

There’s a whole lot of anticipation building for the new album, Little Seeds, and it goes without saying that we are pretty big fans of Shovels & Rope, so it’s my pleasure to be able to share with you the lovely video for the new single, “St. Anne’s Parade,” which premiered over on NPR this morning. The song is a beautiful tribute to life itself, as in you should realize it’s all too brief a moment so make the time you have count. With a gentle mandolin strumming the two sing into an old-timey microphone while images of a wedding march for friends…

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New Music | Shovels & Rope – I Know

To say we are excited to get new music from Shovels & Rope is an understatement and we are super happy to share the super-fuzzy new single, “I Know,” with y’all today. The new album, Little Seeds, won’t be out until the autumn weather arrives so we have a while to go yet, but this track is great way to weave some South Carolina sweetgrass into your summertime rock n’ roll basket. Yes, that Charleston slang was added to the post for maximum effect. Delving into the subject of jealousy, and revealing the darker side of success, “I Know” is a kick-drum response of kinetic energy and distorted reverb…

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2014 | Kyle’s Record Recommends Part 2

It’s the end of the year and it’s time to wrap up everything we loved, and this year I’d like to make this a buyers recommendation for records this year. At this point in my life, these are all records I think you should drop $20 on and spin the vinyl like there is no tomorrow. I didn’t think it was proper to put these in any type of order although most people who I discuss music with will probably know what my number one is. Without further ado, here are my recommendations for records to buy that released in…


Photos + Review | Shovels and Rope + John Fullbright @ Royale

Photos by Boston Concert Photography [W]e have come to expect great things from a band like Shovels & Rope. They have given us amazing performances in the past, from the days when they were the little engine that could, playing opening shows for Butch Walker, Hayes Carll, or Jason Isbell; to now the inspiring husband-wife duo that delights our ears, eyes, body and soul on two awesome headlining nights at the Royale. I personally got to catch Cary Ann and Michael (I’m on a first name basis obviously) sing their hearts out on Saturday night, and although Cary Ann may…


Review | Shovels & Rope – Swimmin’ Time


[T]here is an inherent sense of foreboding and unease layered throughout the new sophomore release titled Swimmin’ Time from Charleston, South Carolina duo Shovels & Rope, which is almost a complete 180 from the uplifting merriment found in the pair’s first album released under the moniker Shovels & Rope, 2012’s O’ Be Joyful. It’s as though our favorite southern charmers, Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst, took a peek through the curtain of popularity that was opening wider for the singer-songwriters and were slightly taken aback by the response of the ever-growing crowd.

Now, don’t read that opening paragraph as a condemnation on the more introspective outlook the new Shovels & Rope album brings to the (turn)table. I am crazy about this record and have been listening pretty much non-stop since it arrived at Music Savage, however with each push of the play button I can’t help but wonder what the catalyst was for creating this musical shift in gears.

There are quite a few heavy topics Hearst and Trent wade through throughout Swimmin’ Time, most notably (as the title suggests) the songs focus on the power of water and the struggle to move forward through fluctuating tides, or to pick oneself up and dry off after the storm subsides. Whether it’s the plea for guidance and hope found in the beautiful song, “After the Storm,” the impassioned call of the album’s title track to swim or drown as the ocean waves pull you away from shore, or the true story of “Thresher,” a submarine lost at sea in 1963 with 129 souls on board, the main theme here is the struggle.

The struggle of ol’ fashioned good versus evil is also explored. The album’s stellar opening track, “The Devil Is All Around,” focuses on finding salvation and turning against temptation. With the glory of a church organ, and the almighty power of a kick-drum, the song perfectly sets the fight or flight tone of the album. You also find the theme in the 50’s inspired numbers as well. The Doo Wop style of “Coping Mechanism” looks for answers away from the obvious inebriants, and my favorite track, the rockabilly, “Mary Anne & One Eyed Dan,” delves into the topic of redemption through love.

While the emphasis of Swimmin’ Time is on the trials and tribulations of a life in the spotlight, I think the message is pretty clear. The road (or river) may be tough going but if you keep your chin up, and swim against the current, eventually you will find your way back to shore. As with most sequels the storyline cautiously dives into the heart of the conflict with the determination to rise above and conquer. Shovels & Rope have created the Empire Strikes Back to their Star Wars, the Superman II to their Superman: The Movie. We all know the heroes win in the end!

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