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Photos | Darlingside + Twain @ The Sinclair

Anytime a hometown band returns to Boston, they’re bound to be met with exuberance. But to say the crowd at The Sinclair was excited to welcome Darlingside home would be a severe understatement. There was a palpable excitement throughout the venue last Thursday night, even before the lights dimmed to welcome the evening’s opening act Twain. Even before the first notes flew, there was a giddy anticipation from the folks close to the stage. Singing and rocking to the house music in anticipation of welcoming Darling side home. And the band—touring behind their brand new release Extralife, did not disappoint.…

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Photos + Review | Mandolin Orange + My Bubba @ The Sinclair

It was fantastic to come out to Cambridge’s Sinclair, walk towards the stage and see that it was near impossible to find a place to stand. We’d all packed in to see a band who’s latest release is a palette of intimacy and emotion from two of the most sincere and genuine artists I’ve come across. The Sinclair was packed elbow to elbow, and was intensely focused on Andrew Marlin, and Emily Frantz every harmony. And boy can they harmonize, and leave you awestruck. It’s hard to imagine a band or artist out there that comes across more sincere than…

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Black Pistol Fire @ The Sinclair

To say we were excited to experience Black Pistol Fire last week at the Sinclair is an understatement. I’ve certainly experienced their records, but having not seen them, I prepped myself catching a boatload of videos of their live shows. It’s obvious listening to their records the live show was going to be amazing in that “holy shit these guys sound amazing live” way. Touring on their newest record, Don’t Wake the Riot, which dropped last month, I settled in, whiskey in hand to a lively crowd (understatement) at the Sinclair. From the second the Austin via Toronto Band stepped…

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Photos + Review | We Were Promised Jetpacks & Seoul @ The Sinclair

On Monday, December 7th, a gale-force wind blew into Cambridge by way of Edinburgh and shook the Sinclair with ferocious energy. No, this wasn’t a weather system emanating from high atop Arthur’s Peak, it was in fact Scotland’s veritable purveyors of unrestrained rock n’ roll, We Were Promised Jetpacks. Playing to a packed house on the last night of a tour that began back in February, which took them across the planet and back again, the band let loose with a barrage of enthusiastic energy normally reserved for an opening night set. With three full-length albums to their name Jetpacks…


Photos | Pickwick + Parks @ The Sinclair

Photos by Boston Concert Photography Sometimes you go out on a Tuesday night and wish you’d stayed in. Then there are times you go out on a Tuesday and wonder why more people didn’t go out on Tuesday. The latter situation is the one I found myself in this past Tuesday night at The Sinclair. The night featured Seattle-based standouts, Pickwick, who are touring behind this year’s release Can’t Talk Medicine. Pickwick has been compared to acts ranging from the Black Keys to Sam Cooke. That’s quite a range when you think about it. But you could see why that range…