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Review | Adam Remnant – When I Was a Boy EP

In 2011, I wrote lovingly about one of my favorite records of the year titled, Canary, by the Athens OH band Southeast Engine. It was full of wonderfully penned stories about an Appalachian family at the turn of the 20th century. Since 2012 the band has wound down, but with great pleasure I’m happy to hear that singer and primary songwriter Adam Remnant, has finally reemerged as a solo artist. Last week, he released When I Was a Boy EP, via Trailer Fire Records. The 6 songs that make up Remnant’s, When I Was a Boy EP, were assembled together…

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New Music | Southeast Engine – Old Oak Tree

Last year I chose Southeast Engine’s Appalachian folk record Canary as my top record of the year, and I couldn’t be more happy to see the upcoming release of Canaanville EP out July 31, 2012 on Misra Records. The EP will contain 4 tracks that were not B-Sides from the aforementioned record. It was designed and recorded as a 4-song appendix EP designed to accompany Canary. Check out “Old Oak Tree,” an extremely catchy track and grab yourself a pre-order of the EP.

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Top Albums of 2011 5-1 FINALLY!

We all love lists, and we all love sarcasm. Though, I think its important to reflect upon the last year of music, I’m going to do so through the use of a list. It was a fantastic year full of awesome albums, and I’m going to count down a bunch of my favorites, and give you something to listen to while reading. Welcome to the top 10, albums that to be quite honest, could all be number ones, but hey it wouldn’t be a list without some order. These are the thoroughbreds. I’m sure I missed some, but hey, there…

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Review | Southeast Engine – Canary

Adeline Of The Applachian Mountains New Growth Southeast Engine is a Americana Folk band from Athens Ohio. I’ve had the distinct pleasure to have an early copy of this album. The album plays as a narrative about an Appalachian family at the turn of the 20th century. It’s epic, wonderful sounding, and a great story to hear. I’m not sure of the validity of the story, whether its fiction or nonfiction; regardless this is one great sounding album. The album plays like a troupe of backwoods nomads looking for a place to rest but frequently end up in town playing…

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New Music | Southeast Engine – Adeline of the Appalachian Mtns

Adeline Of The Applachian Mountains Magnet Magazine recently released free for download another track from Southeast Engine’s upcoming album, Canary (out 3/29). I’ve had the opportunity for the last few weeks to preview the album, its one fantastic epic folk album regaling the story of an Appalachian family at the turn of the 20th century. It’s epic, wonderful sounding, and a great story to hear.

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MISRA Relaunches, releases Compilation

Southeast Engine – New Growth Misra records plans to relaunch as an artist run label and to highlight Misra’s new position as an artist-run entity, 2011’s first release will be Southeast Engine’s Canary – due out March 29.   Lucky for us, a track off Southeast Engine’s album resides on the compilation Misra is offering up for free. The song, New Growth, will appear on the upcoming album, as well as Misra Records’  Legacy Compilation, Volume 1.  The compilation has some fantastic artist curated picks from bands like Phosphorescent, Destroyer, Great Lake Swimmers, and the Black Swans.  Check out the new…

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