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Review | Typhoon – White Lighter


[W]eareTyphoon is the twitter handle for Portland OR Orchestral folk/pop band, and it’s aptly named, as a 11 piece band, you’d probably have to accept the mentality of WE. That’s exactly what makes this band so incredible, and their new record White Lighter, so captivating. The band by sheer size has the ability to swap between sweeping string assortments, to all out rock at a moments notice, all fronted by solid lyrics and vocals from Kyle Morton.

White Lighter, is one damn mighty fine, beautiful record, that plays incredibly from beginning to end. It has a two headed monster, an almost mercurial ability to range its moments from quiet, introspective folk / pop songs into an all out aural assault with distorted guitars, pounding drums and Morton’s powerful howls.

You may have heard it, but the story goes, Kyle Morton had suffered through multiple organ failures as a result of Lyme disease, and he openly recalled near-fatal experiences and what he learned from them in letters with fans leading up to the record’s release, all of these experiences seem to be influencing songs on the record. You hear death on this record, but it can be followed up by moments of pure joy, and it seems to all makes sense once you frame the record with Morton’s trials. This very much seems to feel like it could have been the struggle between writing your own epitaph, and then progressing back to health, and feeling the joy of life.

These themes can be heard on en masse on standout tracks like “Young Fathers,” “Dreams of Cannibalism,” and one of my favorites the heavily percussion based, “Prosthetic Love.” It’s a record that could seriously rival any other for best of the year, and I’m very much in love with it, and find myself enjoying it the more and more I focus on each song.

Please do yourself a favor, get this record, stop what you are doing and give it forty minutes of your life. I think you’ll find something that is both weighty and powerful, and will bring a little bit of perspective and joy to your day.

Buy White Lighter.


Typhoon – Young Fathers


[I] caught this track on NPR’s All Songs this morning, and after hearing this, and the last tune, “Dreams of Cannabalism,” I’m getting very excited to hear this record. White Lighter, which will release next month on August 20th is the follow up to the band’s EP “A New Kind Of House” that caught the attention of countless music critics and listeners for it’s inspiring hybrid of literate lyrics and wide ranging pop music. We’ve caught this band at Newport Folk Fest back in 2011 and the band’s sound is getting ever huger as time goes on.

Look for their megatour supporting their new record this fall, with a date here in town in late September.


New Music | Typhoon – Dreams Of Cannibalism

[T]yphoon is back, and touting a new album White Lighter, due out in August we’re getting our first taste of new tunes and this one is a good one. The slamming piano riffs, and Morton’s vocal stylings give this one a powerful, emotive sound from somewhere deep within the songwriter’s soul. As the waves of sounds crash from pounding drums, to soaring horns, this one grabs the attention, and begs for multiple plays. It’s got a little Frightened Rabbit bombast, and a little Decemberists flavor from the PNW, and then gang chorals all of which creates a high level of…


New Music | Typhoon – Summer Home

Typhoon – Summer Home

Portland, Oregon’s Typhoon has been getting some attention since the release of their EP, A New Kind Of House, out last month on Tender Loving Empire Records. This cut, Summer Home, is an orchestral and lush song befitting of such a large band.  Its a beautiful mix of strings, brass, and percussion with a gentle vocal track all put together into one creates this very exciting sound and one that I’m supremely eager to see live this coming July at the Newport Folk Festival.

The band is about to set out on tour with the decemberists, and play Lollapalooza, our Newport Folk & Sasquatch Music Festivals.

Typhoon on Tour: