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Readymade Breakup making its way…

Hear it now:   Inside All Along

Last week I was given a chance to check out one of my favorite bands’ newest (unmastered) album. Untitled as of yet, but just known as LP3, I dug in excited to hear what the guys from Readymade Breakup had come up with.  It had been two years since I had met them, received their fantastic album Alive on the Vine, and I was obviously thrilled to hear some more of their sound.

I met Paul, and the guys of Readymade back in 2008 when they were touring prior to the release of Alive on the Vine, and I burnt out that album after I got it.  It had everything, great writing, great vocals and some really fun music that ranged from anthemic tracks to howling balladry.  These guys definitely have a great sound and everything I’ve ever seen or heard from them has been top notch.

The first track, featured above, entitled Inside All Along, sounds as if they have amped up the energy, the excitement and added more of a rock edge which shows off how all the tracks on this album were cut as a live band, it gives off a great feeling. The upcoming release, which was produced by Steve Evetts (The Cure, Saves The Day, Dillinger Escape Plan) is very ambitious; its bigger, bolder, harder and more focused that previous efforts.  Readymade went into the studio with a focus, 30 or so songs and sweated out an effort that sounds like it could pay huge dividends for them.   In way it almost seems as these guys have grown up, found themselves, and came out with a better idea of what style they always wanted to be.

I couldn’t recommend enough how badly you should see them live, they are totally fun, full of energy and put on a great show.  The guys of Readymade Breakup will be coming to our fair cities in Massachusetts this weekend.  I highly recommend those in the area of PA’s Lounge in Somerville to see these guys friday night, the 23rd, or if your in worcester area, the Lucky Dog Music Hall in Worcester, MA to attend their show on saturday night July 24th.  These nights will be guaranteed to blow out your power pop eardrums.

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