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New Music | Junip – Näckrosdammen

Junip – Näckrosdammen by Mute Artists

Junip today released Näckrosdammen, an instrumental piece in anticipation of the release of a new digital EP featuring “in Every Direction”, a few new songs and remixes.

No date for the bundle yet, but as always this is a super smooth jam, Junip’s laid-back latin influenced style is really great to listen to and totally beautiful.


  1. lesley lesley

    lovely track, but i could really do with some vocals. i adore jose. really do. without vocals, i feel like i have to be in the mood for this and my mood just now was…where are the vocals. i suppose i didn’t know ahead of playing it (or wasn’t paying attention) that it was an instrumental track. i love this, just not right now. i like this right now. i imagine my mood will change and i will love it in that very moment. looking forward to the new stuff. (nods)

  2. youre right, I should have mentioned it was instrumental. Still pretty nice to hear.

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