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New Music | Ben Kweller – Mean to Me

Ben Kweller – Mean to Me

Spin dropped this yesterday, and I’m so excited to finally get to hear more music from one of my favorite artists Ben Kweller. I feel like I’ve been listening to him for multiple decades, and its pretty wild that he’s on his 5th studio album, titled Go Fly a Kite, due out on Feb 7th.

This first track “Mean to Me,” is an all out power-pop tune with a blown-out guitar solo that is going to make you mouth water,  horn ornamentation, and some really smooth harmonies.  His music has always had this youthful quality, he has the earnest ability to write and produce music that is extremely catchy, fun, and totally relatable.

I’m getting extremely excited to hear the album in full, after the teaser and now the first single, I can’t help but get excited about another Kweller album.

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