2013 | Kyle's Top Records 15 - 11

15. The Lone Bellow – Self Titled

[A]s much as I gripe about The Lone Bellow’s self-titled debut, for me when I hear it, I can’t help but think it’s formulaic, an undeniable focus group created music for maximum broad appeal, and then I press play, and the urge to not like the music that comes pouring out of this Brooklyn trio melts, and I realize just how undeniably great the record is. You can stick your trend derivative anti-qualifiers in a sack, this record is fantastic and they did it on their first try. The Tracks > Two Sides of Lonely, You Don’t Love Me Like You Used To

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14. Luke Winslow-King – The Coming Tide

[I]nspired by the sounds of the city of New Orleans, a Michigan-born musician by the name of Luke Winslow-King recently released a record that elegantly meshes together Blues, Jazz, Rag-time, Folk, and Rock & Roll into an amazing package of songs that are perfect for lounging on a quiet sunny afternoon, or driving down the road with no particular destination. The Tracks > Moving On, You & Me

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13. Haim – Days Are Gone

[T]his sister trio with the surname Haim, created one what may be the best pop record of 2013. With influences that seem to be pulling from 80’s pop and R&B, these songs feel fresh & modern while obviously a throwback every song has an immediate hook, that will have you bobbing your head, dancing, or just turning up the volume louder and louder. I want to dance to these songs, and that’s saying something. The Tracks > Forever, The Wire

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12. Deer Tick – Negativity

[D]eer Tick fans may have been very surprised to hear this record, it was certainly a departure from the usual bar jams that had littered Divine Providence, but in time as with anything, these guys have been maturing. It’s the keen writing from McCaulley overextending the use of confessional tales, contemplative tunes that are to be expected from a guy breaking up with his fiancee and whose dad went to jail, there’s a level of honesty on this record that will turn your head. But these songs solidify the other side of who Deer Tick is, the stoic side, the grown up side and although it might be sad to say the party is over, we’re still deep in great music territory, so sit back and listen. The Tracks > Trash, Mirror Walls

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11. Phosphorescent – Muchacho

[T]his may be Matthew Houck’s greatest achievement on a record to date, the sounds on this record are absolutely gorgeous, they have their own emotional quality aside from the give / take almost zen-like writing that is littered on the record, there’s a lot of “bad shit happens to good people,” kind of stuff, you know like real life. It’s a joy to listen to, but for more mellow situations (obviously) and times when you can really focus on the activity of listening, rather than participating, it’s artful, beautiful, and laced with lyrical affectations. The Tracks > Ride On / Right On, A Charm / A Blade

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