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New Music | K.S. Rhoads – Harvest

ks rhoads

[N]ashville ain’t just country anymore, there’s some awful cool music coming out of the music city these days, enter k.s. Rhoads, a seriously talented guy. He’s a songwriter, a performer, a producer, and even a composer. He’s about to release his sophomore album, The Wilderness, next month (3/5) where he pairs hip hop beats and classical arrangements that meld into these tunes that are refreshingly original and interesting. Check out “Harvest,” the first single off the record, that uses this pounding rhythm and looping track to deliver a tune with a eclectic vibe and a totally solid groove. It’s got a solid hook, and you’ll be damned if you aren’t singing and whistling along with it.


  1. Kevin Kevin

    Hey Music Savage, how about a NEW Mix Tape Bub? Your blog is awesome, but no mixed tapes since June?!?!?!?
    What’s up with that you Lil Savage???

  2. Kevin Kevin

    Wow, I did not know that! Thx! I have ALOT to spin tonight then! Thx again. KD

  3. Kevin Kevin

    I got a couple of “Permission Denied”???

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