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New Music | Frightened Rabbit / Manchester Orchestra / Grouplove

Frightened Rabbit

[T]his is a righteous collaboration, Frightened Rabbit & Manchester Orchestra teamed up on 1/2 of a 12″ single for Record Store Day with this tune titled “Architect.” It’s a tenderly plucked confessional that begs for more collaboration between these two awesome bands.

Manchester Orchestra

[A]nd on the other side of the special 12″ is  “Make It To Me,” a collaboration between between Manchester Orchestra & Grouplove. It’s a rock tune with Grouplove’s electronic grooves, it really does feel like a smooth amalgamation of the two bands’ sounds.

Look for this single at your local record store, April 20th.


  1. Liz Liz

    The piece by Manchester Orchestra & Grouplove makes for interesting listening. Interesting combo of electronic and rock music.

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