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Jessica Lea Mayfield – I Wanna Love You

jessica lea mayfield by LeAnn Mueller

[I]f anyone can write moody tunes with rip your heart out emotionalism to them its Jessica Lea Mayfield. This particular moody tune is a smoldering, grunge era rock tune that repeats the verse “I’m insane, I wanna love you, you’re gonna find this out” to some dark and entrancing guitar tones, and throwback rock simplicity. It’s a total badass song, and should make you thirsty for more.

“I Wanna Love You,” will appear on Mayfield’s upcoming record, Make My Head Sing… is out 4/15 via ATO.


  1. Mary Mary

    I have never had a song describe my mindset so perfectly before. This song would be better than a letter. If only I could find how to send it.

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