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Photos + Review | Nathaniel Rateliff & The Nightsweats @ Royale

Thursday night was a special night out for me, my first since my child was born, and one that I’d been waiting for since the day this concert was announced. For months since a fantastic set at Newport Folk Festival, I’d pined over seeing Rateliff and the Nightsweats perform again. Thursday night, we all packed into a sold out Royale, what seemed like hundreds of friends and family who all together danced and sung along to an amazing set that was soulful, groovy, and rollicking. Starting the set with “I Need Never Get Old,” which is also opens the Stax recorded soul album named for the band, we delved deep into a fantastic night the included nearly every song from the acclaimed album. The pounding “Trying So Hard Not to Know,” the soul-baring “I’ve Been Failing You,” the crowd-favorite hollering along with us, “S.O.B.” and rounded out an encore with a cover of The Band’s “The Shape I’m In,” the night couldn’t have, unfortunately so, gone faster by. Rateliff and The Nightsweats are a force in a live setting, and should not be missed.

Check out our shots from the night, courtesy of Boston Concert Photography


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