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#50WordReview | Joe Purdy: Who Will Be Next

All hail the return of the protest song. Joe Purdy brings back songs that cut to the root of our issues and plead that we all treat each other as we should—with tolerance and kindness. It’s time for our music to mean something again.

This is an important album.


* Reminds us of: music that mean something, Woodstock, sigh… Dylan

* Add to queue: New Year’s Eve, Who Will Be Next, Children of Privilege, Cairo Walls, Maybe We’ll All Get Along Someday



Joe Purdy:
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  1. This is such a fantastic record. Never been touched by a protest album this much. Brilliant. And your “add to queue” suggestions are my five top songs on the album.

  2. Agree 100%, Dietmar.
    Glad we agree.
    Thanks for stopping in!

  3. Rob Miller Rob Miller

    Amazing album, been a fan of Joe for about a decade now and this album floored me. Songs are so well written and to the point. Cursin Air is a special song that not many people could sing, but Joe nailed it.

  4. Joe Purdy touches a chord we need touched. I’ve filled him now for the last dozen years and have had the privilege of meeting him on several occasions now. This album is timeless, I took my father, (72 years old) to see his show in Louisville, and my dad says he was taken back to the days of Peter, Paul and Mary, not in terms of melody, but in sentiment. I believe Joe has grasped something deep in our collective American Experience and for all of our sakes, I hope more people realize, as Joe says, ‘That power means nothing in a world without love.’

  5. Shoot, should read ‘followed’ not ‘filled’

  6. Very glad so many folks feel the same way. I agree with your father, I felt like I was back in a time when music was a legitimate form of social statement. The music means something. And for that, I’feel lucky to have been able to see it live and have this album to continue to listen to with my family.

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