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New Music | False Heads – Thick Skin

Just when you think to yourself “Man o’ man I need a rock n’ roll kick in the pants to get me through the day” along comes a kick in the rock n’ roll pants in the form of a new single titled “Thick Skin,” from East London band False Heads. The 3-piece are garnering quite a lot of buzz across the pond with their frenetic live shows and for bringing that early British, take-no-shit, punk rock attitude that the godfathers of the scene brought to the table decades ago. Hell speaking of godfathers of the scene, Iggy Pop himself has stated that False Heads are his new favorite band…that’s quite an endorsement!

The trio have recently been signed to Gary Powell’s (drummer of The Libertines) label 25 Hour Convenience Store and recorded a bunch of new tracks, including “Thick Skin,” in Pete Townsend’s studio. It’s truly safe to say that the hype surrounding False Heads is well deserved and I am looking forward to hearing more from them this year.

With that said there will be more singles released throughout 2016 with the possibility of an EP before the year’s over, and word on the street is there may be a full-length album slated for release in 2017. If all of that pans out, and hopefully it does, you’ll hear about it right here!

Thick Skin is released on July 1st 2016 through 25 Hour Convenience Store and will be available everywhere you can digitally buy rock n’ roll pants kicking music.

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