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Photos | Dorothy @ Royale

Living in the Boston area, we’re lucky to have a fantastic array of amazing musicians from every genre calling our fair city home. But sometimes, as a music freak, you fall for a band from another part of the country that you get very few chances to see work their magic.

For me, Dorothy is one of those bands.

Since I happened upon their self-titled EP in early 2015, their songs have been blasting out of my speakers on a regular basis. And finally, on tour in support of the first LP ROCKISDEAD (Spotify / iTunes / Google Play / Amazon) I was able to catch them swinging through Boston at Royale Boston. And while the set was all too short in my opinion, it was worth the wait to see this band blow the doors off the place.

If you’re into kickass rock n’ roll, put a Dorothy show on your to-do list immediately.

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