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#HotTakes | Week of 07.03.17

Songs that we think you should hear without all the pomp and circumstance.

Dust // The Golden Age of TV

Worried Times // Francobollo

Suicides and Lazy Eyes // Rainer Maria

Too Many Alarms // Reuben Bidez

Love is Blind // Jillette Johnson

Whitewash // Lee Bains III + The Glory Fires

Under the Pines // Twin Peaks

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  1. Spin Move Records Spin Move Records

    Hi Kyle,

    Hope all is well in your realm! We really liked your picks for your hot track post last week.

    We’re reaching out with our great new summer ‘17 track “Gone” by Moses Stone feat. Shwayze and Hero DeLano.

    Click the link below to listen to what we hope will be your new fav summer track:

    Let us know your thoughts,

    Spin Move Records
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    Santa Monica, CA 90405

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