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Song of the Week | Teen Vice – Anti-Privilege

The latest WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” spotlight is focused on the fantastic new single “Anti-Privilege” from NYC based rockers Teen Vice. It’s the latest single from the band’s incredible debut album, Saddest Summer, which was released on July 14th via Commission Music.

Teen Vice are Tammy Hart (guitars, vocals), Joshua Ackley (bass, vocals), May Dantas (guitars, vocals) and Derek Pippin (drums), all of whom kicked their rock n’ roll life into gear in their teens. Hart released her critically acclaimed debut solo album at age 18, and her fellow bandmates were all members of successful punk-rock bands. Dantes started her first band at 13 and went on to form The Fingerprints, while Pippin and Ackley co-founded The Dead Betties. With that much rock pedigree packed into a four-piece band you know you are in for something special.

The hard-hitting single, “Anti-Privilege,” is a blistering statement on social class and the never ending struggle to make something for yourself in a fast-paced world that often recognizes achievement based on skin color and privilege rather than hard work and motivation. It’s punk at its finest. A rally cry against an establishment seemingly hell-bent on disenfranchising anyone deemed different. Turn this one up loud and fight back!

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