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Photos | Curtis Harding + Un Blonde @ Sonia’s

It’s always a rush to catch an artist I haven’t seen before, especially when that artist is the likes of soul/blues/rock musician Curtis Harding. Toss in the fact that this was my first trip to Sonia (formerly the beloved T.T. the Bear’s,) and that makes for one memorable Tuesday night.

The newly revamped venue—with is wide open interior reminiscent of Thunder Road, except wider and shorter—turned out to be a damn near perfect setting for the wide open set that Harding and his bandmates put forth. As the diverse and attentive audience clapped, sang, and danced along with each and every song that pumped through the speakers, you got the feeling that this will be the last time you see Curtis Harding in room that small.

The opener for the evening, Montreal’s Un Blonde (the brainchild of former teenage music phenom Jean-Sebastien Audet,) warmed up the crowd with their own unique mix of R&B, soul, pop, and psych, which certainly paved the way nicely for Harding crew to come in and lay down some heavier material.

Get out there and catch both of these artists live. You certainly won’t regret it.

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