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Song of the Week | Soleima – Pacify Me

Photo Credit: Dennis Morton

The WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” spotlight shines on Denmark for the second time and is focused once again on the brilliant musician Sarah Mariegaard, aka Soliema. Her fantastic new EP, Bulldog, was released on April 6th via Big Beat Records and I have selected the first track, “Pacify Me,” as the latest song for you all to turn up loud, grab your friends, and get your dance on!

If you are not yet familiar with one of my favorite artists from her first “Song of the Week” honors for the track, “Low Life,” do yourself a favor and check out the video from my January 8th post, then get yourself back over here and play, “Pacify Me,” again. Make sure you gave yourself a stretch and maybe a drink of water before you do. Once that play button is pressed it is very hard to stop moving to the beat.

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