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Song of the Week | Tommy Down – Superficial

The WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” spotlight is sharply focused on the fantastic new single, “Superficial,” from Bristol-based musician Tommy Down. Known in the UK for being the frontman for his band Harker Moon, which formed in 2015, the talented artist is beginning to focus on his solo material a bit more these days as he looks to the future.

The super funky “Superficial” was produced by Rhys Lewis, an equally talented London musician who recently signed with Decca Records, who helped craft the slick bass groove that spins around the song like a disco ball from the seventies. The style may have a throwback sound but the lyrics focus on the unrelenting push to be recognized and relevant in a social media focused landscape. It’s the perfect mix of classic production and modern song writing which, in my humble opinion, is the perfect recipe for a hit.

You can bet we will be hearing more amazing music from Tommy Down in 2018!

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