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Song of the Week | Meg Myers – Numb

Photo Credit: Brantley Gutierrez

The new WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” is sharply focused on the incredible new single, “Numb,” from the Tennessee-born, Los Angles-based musician Meg Myers. It’s the lead single from her forthcoming album, Take Me To The Disco, out 7/20 on 300 Entertainment.

Myers has been honing her unique style since she left home in 2009 to pursue a music career in California. In 2013 she released, Daughter in the Choir, the first of three critically acclaimed releases that would bring her waves of attention. The following year her second EP, Make a Shadow made an impact and cleared the way for her debut full-length album, Sorry, which would go on to create a big enough buzz for Myers to hit the road on her very first headlining tour. Needless to say it has been a full few years for this up and coming musician.

“Numb” is a deeply personal, intense portrayal of losing your sense of self worth in an industry that prefers you to be a puppet of conformation rather than the unique individual you set out to be. Instead of succumbing to this feeling of numbness Myers used to create a powerfully emotional number to confront it head on. This is a song that would resonate of the walls of an arena and I’m placing a bet that this track will be a hit and bring more fans to the table. It already appears to be heading that way as NPR has featured the amazing video for “Numb,” which you should check out below.

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