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Photos | Robert Ellis + Ian O’Neil @ Great Scott

A night that begins with Ian O’Neil and ends with Robert Ellis in a tiny packed venue like Great Scott is all I could ever ask for a Sunday night (while Game of Thrones isn’t on yet) and hell if this night didn’t pay off in spades.

Since I last saw Robert Ellis on the stage at Boston’s Great Scott last May, it seemed as though Texas Piano Man was an inevitability. During a set with Traveller, Fritz, Chisel and band would leave Robert some time alone to tickle the ivories, and put on his best Billy Joel. From that second he hit that note, I just knew he belongs behind the keys, yucking it up. Sunday night may have been April fools day eve (no it’s not a thing) but I can assure you everyone in the room was a fool for Robert. Songs from his recent record are really galvanized in the live show, and really come out as sing-a-longs like the opener “Fucking Crazy,” “Passive Aggressive” or “Topo Chico.” The same effect to some of our beloved legacy songs like “California,” or “Drivin'” Built around Robert on the keys, his touring band, Geoffrey Muller on bass, Kelly Doyle on guitar, and Michael “Tank” Lisenbe on drums are fantastic. Handling a raucous show with a Billy Joel cover, and an assist on Proud Mary with Boston’s Julie Rhodes.

Flat out, these guys are fun as hell, the songs are great, and the show feels dynamic and fun. I could stand to see this show every week.

Check out the snaps from Boston Concert Photography:

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