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Photos + Review | Charly Bliss + Emily Reo @ The Sinclair

Charly Bliss is a band that looks how they sound— eccentric, colorful, and bubbly. The band gave an energetic and loving performance to a sold out Sinclair crowd Sunday, June 9th. Donned in glitter, all four members bounced around the stage, leaving no dull moments.

Emily Reo opened the show with a charming performance that coupled perfectly with the show. They delivered a catchy, indie-pop set with beautiful electronic harmonies and plenty of tasteful keytar. Emily made sure not to leave without taking a video of the crowd singing happy birthday to her mom.

Lead singer of Charly Bliss, Eva Hendricks exuded joy on the stage, her passion ringing through every song. The love between the members was as evident as their love for playing shows. The positivity of the band was infectious, keeping the crowd dancing all night. A must see band for any lover of live music.

Be sure to check out the new album Young Enough by Charly Bliss – Out now on Barsuk Records!

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