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Photos + Review | Smooth Hound Smith + Kyshona @ Atwood’s

On September 26th Smooth Hound Smith and their incredible band brought the tour for the excellent new album, Dog in a Manger, to Atwood’s Tavern in Cambridge and as this record is one of the Music Savage gang’s favorites, we simply had to head out for a Thursday night show to hear the new songs come to life in this intimate venue. We have been fans of the Nashville duo since their 2013 self-titled debut album and it was a joy to see them live. The audience on this stop saw a charming, talented couple take over the stage in a Tennessee two-step of gorgeous harmonies and tight hooks.

We were also lucky enough to have another Nashville musician open up the night with a set of powerful and emotionally charged songs that had the Atwood’s audience completely enraptured. Singer-songwriter Kyshona played a beautiful set of soulful songs that carved a path through the gospel, Americana, folk, and R&B landscape. Her lyrics and sound are steeped in tradition and the music pays homage to those that came before her while creating timeless stories for others to follow for years to come. Find her music my friends and listen.

Do yourself a favor live music lover and see both Smooth Hound Smith and Kyshona on tour if they happen to swing on through your city. Luckily for a lot of you there’s a good chance they are heading your way as dates continue through Autumn. On October 16th they meet up again in St. Louis, MO for a quick 5 city tour together. We are not kidding folks. Get out there and see them! All information on tickets and dates can be found on and

Check out the terrific photos taken by our very own Steve Benoit of Boston Concert Photo of an evening well spent!

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