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The Music Savage Show | 04.24.2020

Hi friends! It’s dining room pajama show # 6 and I’m caffeinated up and ready to fill your ears full of amazing tunes! Going to start it off with a block of music inspired by the movie American Psycho released twenty years ago this month. You’ll also hear the latest quarantine/social distancing/when will it end set, find out about some bands/musicians on tour in their house and playing live through your computer screen, listen to the wonderful song selections from curated set # 9 in the series, get toasty with some hot new tunes in our hot new #HotTakes set, and much more! 


Psycho Killer – Talking Heads
Hip To Be Square – Huey Lewis & The News
True Faith – New Order
Sussudio – Paper Lions
What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy) – Information Society

Raised By Wolves – Springtime Carnivore 
Jaguar – Young Mammals
Shake – Tiny Dinosaurs
Slow Motion – Phox
Cocaine Jesus – Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Safety Dance – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Ain’t Together – King Princess 
Bored – Tessa Violet
Cut Your Hair – Pavement
In Between Days – The Cure

By My Side – Joyia
Spaceships – Tank and the Bangas
Beverly – Low Cut Connie
True Flood – Miss Tess
Take My Love – The Lone Bellow

Country Disappeared – Wilco
This God Damn House – The Low Anthem
Are You All Right – Lucinda Williams
Tomorrow’s Going to Be A Better Day – Billy Bragg
Day After Tomorrow – Tom Waits
What A Wonderful World – Nick Cave & Shane McGowan

All You Can Do – Glenn Thomas
Underground Forever – Jonathan Tyler
First Among The Last – The National Honor Society
Fault Line (Late July) – Camille Delean

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  1. Dean Dean

    Has it been six weeks already? How is it that the weeks still seem to go by so fast while the days go by so slow? Well, I’m glad you’ve been keeping the show going. Tons of great music. The curated sets have all been great, but this week’s was maybe the best. Powerful!

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