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Song Premiere | Lee DeWyze – Weeds

We could all use a bit of beauty these days.

Lucky for us here at Music Savage, we get to premiere a song that just might fill that void for you today.

“Weeds” is the latest release from  Lee DeWyze of American Idol fame.

DeWyze says of the song:

“Weeds explores the nature of love and relationships and how that parallels the cycle of life. How some things can be found when you don’t even know you’re looking for them. It’s about growing and learning to be vulnerable. How a time, place, and moment can play such a crucial part in where we end up and how we got there. Weeds is about finding beauty in the most unsuspecting places.”

Finding beauty in the most unsuspecting places is something a lot of us could all use a bit more practice with. Thanks for the reminder, Lee.

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