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Photos | Aaron Lee Tasjan + Tristen @ Brighton Music Hall

Sometimes a show is so good you can’t believe it happened. Of course—after the last couple of years—any show is a great thing, but the Aaron Lee Tasjan + Tristen show last week was ridiculously great.

Tasjan’s set was, as you would expect if you’re at all familiar with the artist, the perfect blend of old and new, rockers and ballads, covers and originals. As far as the Music Savage crew is concerned, ALT’s sets are some of the best in the game today. Missing a chance to catch one is on the level of original sin.

While we’re at it, a set from the amazing Tristen is also on the level of “don’t you dare miss it.” With humor, dramatic flair, near-perfect songs, and an enchanting stage presence, Tristen and her partner/bandmate Buddy Hughen put on a performance that will ensure pretty much everyone  in the audience will be at the next show when they are back in town.

Don’t waste a moment, get out and see both of these stellar musicians live as soon as humanly possible.

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