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Song Premiere | White Lines – Jesper Lindell

“I can hardly wait for the summer
And this winter’s been too long”

What a perfect sentiment for the week we get reacquainted with the sun. Lucky for us, we get to premiere a new track from Swedish-born Americana artist Jesper Lindell to help usher us into the windows down weather.

“White Lines”—the latest single off Lindell’s upcoming release Twilights—starts off with the simplest of piano intros before settling into a groove as comfortable as your favorite old leather chair. The song’s instrumentation holds steady as Lindell’s raspy voice weaves a tale of temporary escapism, the kind that a lot of us crave toward the end of a closeted season when we long to break out of our ruts, jump in our cars and just… go.

And just like those moments that start out low and slow and then build until the we’re driving freely with the windows down and the volume at top level, Lindell’s band of talented companions craft a musical landscape that crescendos and crashes perfectly within the moment.

As the guitar solo bounces over the groove, what started out as a slight head bob graduates to a full on nod when the brass starts to add punctuation. And then finally, as the keys begin warble over a full orchestral sound, things reach the point where your head is nodding hard enough for you to feel your chin crash into your chest. And damn, do I need that in my life.

If (like me a few weeks ago) you’re not super familiar with Jesper Lindell and his band, take a few moments now and get used to the name as you’ll likely be hearing them mentioned a lot more in the future—especially from this corner of the information superhighway.

Do yourself a favor and pre-save Twilights now so the minute it drops you can join me in filling your ears with this masterpiece. And pray Jesper and friends make their way to this side of the pond in the very near future.

Pre-save Twilights on your favorite channel below:

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