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The Music Savage Show | 09.02.2022

It’s my birthday month and as I made my debut in the seventies I kick off the show with bands who released their debut albums in the seventies. We’ll also hit the road on the last leg of our musical road trip across the country, hear some tunes for Bandcamp Friday, find out about artists on Fuzz Club Records in London, say happy birthday to the late great Billy Preston, and fire it up with smoking new #Hottakes!


So It Goes – Nick Lowe
Miracle Man – Elvis Costello
Statue of Liberty – XTC
Grinding Halt – The Cure
Identity – X-Ray Spex

Look Like That – Sneaks
Pressure – Orion Sun
Boy Scout – Patio
Chipped Fingernails – Lys Guillorn
Taking All My Money Away – Cody Nilsen
Merry Go Round – Carissa Johnson

Juniper – Katy Kirby
Trouble Don’t Follow Me – Christopher Paul Stelling
Nothing’s Impossible – Caroline Rose
Safe Bet – Gentle Temper
Bear The Cold – Mitch Davis
Don’t Go – Old Town Crier

Diamond Light – Breanna Barbara
Chase – The Vacant Lots
Happy Birthday Forever – Tess Parks
Healing – Crows
Las Puertras De La Noche – Sei Still

Please Don’t Drive Me Away – Sam Cooke
Something – The Beatles
Will It Go Round in Circles – Billy Preston
100 Years Ago – The Rolling Stones
Nothing From Nothing – Billy Preston

If I Were A Butterfly – Rayland Baxter
inside out – Son Little
Clap of Thunder – Detroit Rebellion
Kid Gloves – Low Island

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