AB & the Sea - Run Run Run EP

AB & the Sea

In & Out

AB & the Sea will be releasing a new EP come January 25th.  They’ve been offering up a first taste entitled In & Out (above) and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to listen to the EP in full.  I totally ate up their first EP, Boys & Girls, so I was a little more than ecstatic to hear what else they’ve been up to for these few months.

The EP a quick 20 minute affair has shows the fun summery flavor these guys infuse into their music.  They’ve got this clean, 50’s early 60’s pop rock sound that is nostalgic, yet has a slight feeling of modern.

Above all, the track ‘Baby You’ is far and above my favorite on the EP, its got this naivety that goes along so well with this style of music, its fun spunky, and just one of those songs you want to bob your head to.

Run Run Run has all the ooh’s and aah’s and perfect vocals for this 50s/60s pop style of music.  It’s all just really well done.  This music transports you to a time of Soda Pop, Poodle Skirts, and malt shoppes.  It’s fun, fresh, and oh so classic sounding.

This EP as well as their previous efforts has got to land these guys some more press, they keep doing what they do so well, it’s only a matter of time before they get more and more traction.  I for one would love to see them get over here and see the east coast and bring their fantastic music with them.

The EP releases January 25th, keep up with these guys on their facebook page.