Album of the Week | Chrissy Stewart - House of Christina

Album of the Week | Chrissy Stewart - House of Christina

New post alert! This week I want to introduce you to my latest idea which is to highlight a particularly wonderful new album and make sure that the release of said album is on your radar! These aren’t going to be in depth reviews as I think “Album of the Week” pretty much sums up how I feel in title form. Now with that said, it’s also your goal as a music lover (and reader of the post) to spread the word on the new album far and wide via your social media accounts!

We have deal?


Then let’s get it started with the brilliant debut album, House of Christina, from Providence, Rhode Island musician Chrissy Stewart arriving today in all its glory! Every song on this record is a gem and once completed you want to head on back to the beginning and start over. I can tell you I have done so a few times already today.

Stewart has created a collection of songs that sound exactly like being on an amazing porch somewhere with a beautiful view as the sun begins to set and fireflies light up the entire backyard. At least to me it does! Hey even if you don’t have access to all of that at the moment just purchase the album, press play, and close your eyes. Her music will take you there in spirit.

Here’s the plan! You take a listen to the gorgeous single, “All We’ve Got (Is Now),” above and then head to her bandcamp page to purchase and download, or head to her website and pick up a physical copy.

Purchase House of Christina: website / bandcamp