Album Review - Ima Robot - Another Man's Treasure

Indie Dance/Punk band Ima Robot released their newest album Another Man’s Treasure last week.  Its an hour long foray in experimental electronic rock.  It’s rather softer than previous efforts but I think this is what makes this album that much more accessible.  For those who don’t know it, this is Alex Ebert’s previous project, before he became Edward Sharpe.

Opening single, Ruthless, was released with a couple of videos back in September.  Upon the first listen through of the new album, Another Man’s Treasure feels like the Ima Robot is experimenting with softer, more electronic rock sound.   Tracks like,  Life is Short, and Sail With Me display a more carefree softer attitude than Dance / Punk efforts from the past such as Creeps Me Out.  This carefree attitude is expressed in use of lighter rhythmic elements, chimes, and a general feel of airyness.

Later the record gets into some darker territory, in the electronic / bluesy Greenback Boogie.  With a few Norman Greenbaum guitar licks, layered organ elements, and Alex Ebert’s vocal stylings, I think this might be the winner on the album, this could almost be a Jack White music experiment here.

The album might not be what one is expecting because its vastly different from old efforts and might alienate some of the older fans of ima robot, but this album will grow on you I can promise you that.

Its worth a purchase, and a few listens.  If you aren’t convinced, check below for a full album stream.  Give it some time, its a vast exploration in eclecticism, this might turn in to one of your favorite sonic explorations.

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